Speed and Distance Problems for SSC CGL in PDF Download

Speed and Distance Problems for SSC CGL – Get here Speed and Distance  solved problems, shorcut tricks for SSC CGL preparation in PDF download

Speed and Distance Problems for SSC CGL 

Speed and Distance problems are important part of Quantitative Aptitude section of various competitive exams. It checks your numerical problem solving ability. You need a lot of practice to achieve good speed and accuracy in order to solve Speed and Distance problems well.

SSC CGL has Quantitative Aptitude section which is very important in scoring good marks. The Speed, Time and Distance problem is a sure shot topic.

Let us look at the SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude section weight-age for tier 1 and 2:

Exam Name No. of Questions Max. Marks
SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam 25 50
SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam 100 200

As per past years SSC CGL question paper analysis, there is on average basis minimum 3-4 questions Speed and Distance based questions asked every year.


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The difficulty level is easy-moderate. It is pretty easy if you learn basic formula for speed and distance problems along with short cut tricks.

Basic Formula for Speed and Distance:

  • Distance = Speed * Time
  • Speed = Distance/Time
  • Time = Distance/Speed


Short cut tricks for Speed and Distance:

Speed is inversely proportional to time

Speed ∝ 1 ÷ Time

We know, km/hr is bigger value and m/sec is smaller so what we do to convert bigger value into smaller?

We divide by a value which has greater denominator than numerator. so to convert km/hr into m/sec we multiply by 5÷18, where 18 (denominator) is greater than 5 (numerator). x km/hr = x × 5÷18 m/sec Similarly, To convert m/sec to km/hr, we do the reverse process. x × 5÷18 m/sec = x km/hr

Example Problem:

Question – A Bus covers a distance in 18 hours at a speed of 60 Km/hr. If a bike covers 270 kms more than the bus at the same time, what would be the bike’s average speed?

Answer – As we know, D = S*T

So, Distance covered by Bus = 60*18 = 1080 Kms

Now,       S= D/T

So, Speed of the bike is = 1080+270/18 = 1350/18 = 75 km/hr


Speed and Distance Problems for SSC CGL in PDF Download

We are providing Speed and Distance problems in PDF. It will cover different  type of questions which are frequently asked in SSC CGL exams. This PDF will definitely help you in your SSC CGL 2017 Preparation.

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