Seating Arrangement Tips & Tricks for Competitive exams :Banking, SSC, UPSC etc.

Seating Arrangement Tips & Tricks : Get here useful tips, tricks & shortcuts to solve seating arrangement problems

Seating Arrangement Tips & Tricks

The reasoning is an important subject of the competitive exam. This is to analyze a candidate’s ability of reasoning in the areas of verbal, non-verbal and logic reasoning. It also includes an important topic called seating arrangement which is all about directions.

Tips and tricks to solve seating arrangement reasoning

Time is the most important criteria in reasoning. You should be able to solve the questions in the given time and should manage it wisely. This can be achieved through the continuous practice of the questions of the previous year papers and mock tests.

Seating arrangements consist of arranging objects to sit in a particular position. For instance, you may be asked to sit an object to the right or left of another object. Here are the four main types of such seating arrangements namely:

  • Circular seating arrangement
  • Linear seating arrangement
  • Square seating arrangement
  • Row seating arrangement
  • Column seating arrangement

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Seating Arrangement Tips &Tricks

Understand and remember these tips

  1. Facing center
  • Clockwise – towards left
  • Anticlockwise – towards right
  1. Facing outwards
  • Clockwise – towards right
  • Anticlockwise – towards left

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Seating Arrangement : How to Solve

Circular seating arrangement:

  1. A person sits in the centre and direction is towards left or right based on the words used in the question. Also, you should check the facing direction whether it is center or outwards
  2. First, you should position the object or person
  3. The person can be seated anywhere
  4. Usage of words like ‘but’, ‘while’, ‘and’ refers to the first person in the previous line.
  5. Usage of words like ‘while’, ‘who’, ‘whom’ refers to the second person of the previous line
  6. First count the persons, draw a circle and mark above it.
  7. Check the letters, words, and names properly and understand them properly.
  8. Place the person or object in the center and then check what is asked in the question
  9. Arrange the remaining objects, letters or persons accordingly to solve it.

Similarly, you should understand the reason behind every question involving, square, row and column seating arrangements. It is important to understand the tricks and solve seating arrangement problems cleverly.


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