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Mr. Harsh Gagrani Sir is one of the directors of Legal Edge for the last 7 years. He had done his graduation from National Law University (Bhopal). He has also authored many books and is here to give the students the best tips on how to score 42 plus in CLAT Exam.

How to Score 42 plus in CLAT 2019 Legal Aptitude – by Gagrani Sir

The Golden Rule: Stick to the Principle” is the Golden Rule. Take the Principle as law. Read the facts carefully. Apply the facts on the Principles and draw out your best answer. This will apply to 80% of the questions. Only some of the questions would be there where you have to go out of the Principle. 

Principles and Facts: There could be some cases in which the Principle as well as the Facts, both are given but sticking to the Principle might not be possible. That is where you have to apply the Actual/Outside Knowledge. Whatever you have learned and understood during your CLAT preparation sessions, apply that. But this would show up only in 20-25% of the questions. Do not leave any question unattempted.

Cheat Code for Legal Aptitude: While answering any question, try to match the language of that option with the language of the Principle. If it is matchable, then there is a high chance your answer is correct. And if it is not matchable, then it is not correct. Apply this cheat code while attempting all the questions of Legal Aptitude.

When to use the option None Of the Above: There is a very small chance that None of The Above option works because if you try to understand the teacher’s psychology (the one who is setting the paper), they are assigned and paid for the designing of each question with different twists and rolls and if every difficult question is paying him, there is next to no chance he will put a question with the conclusion of None of the Above. You shall only mark NOTA when all the other options are completely wrong.

Books Recommended for Legal Aptitude: LALR by A.P Bhardwaj, The Complete CLAT Companion by Mr. Harsh Gagrani Sir

Most Important Tool to Score 42 plus in CLAT : Whenever you give Mock Tests, always go back to the questions you got wrong. Check them why they went wrong, what mistake you made. Finally, understand that mistake and correct it. Remember not to make it again in the next Mock Test you are going to practice. Sometimes we answer in a hurry or absent-mindedly or sometimes we answer focussing on the fact and not Principle, keep a check on all these minute flaws and polish them as soon as possible. Identify your mistakes every single day.

Assertion Reason Questions: Read the question carefully. If the Assertion itself is wrong then your answer would be A is False and R is true. Then read the Reason, if the reason is wrong then the answer would be A is True and R is False. If both Assertion, as well as the Reason, is correct then the answer would still be from A or B. Do a little trick here. Read the Assertion part and extend the sentence with ‘because’ and then see what it makes sense or not. 

Note: It is very important to enhance our knowledge of Legal to mark the correct answers in Assertion Questions.

How To Enhance Legal Knowledge: First of all, legal knowledge is General Knowledge on Law. The foremost topics that come under Legal Knowledge are the Constitution of India, Legal Terms, Legal Magazines, and Foreign Phrases. Whatever book you are studying from right now, it would surely have a list of Important Legal Terms, Legal Magazine, and Foreign Phrases. Focusing on all 4-500 of them would be time-consuming and difficult. You should better ask your mentor the important ones and start its preparation right away! Revise them for 3-4 hours every day.

Book Recommended for Constitution of India: Legal Knowledge by A.P Bhardwaj

Current Legal Knowledge: You have to concentrate on List of all the Prominent Judgements, study all the recent bills passed by parliament or in case they are about to be passed and recent appointments in law commission or election commission or change in any other authoritative. 

Cleared Doubts regarding CLAT Exam

  • The best and necessary way to score high in the examination is to go through the previous year question papers of Legal Aptitude.
  • Analyze the Mock Test you have already given
  • Practice as much as you can
  • Lesser the confusion in understanding the Principles, the faster you will attempt the questions
  • Revise again and again
  • Solve more and more lengthy questions so that there is not an issue during the exam

So, these were some powerful tips and tricks on how to score more than 42 plus in CLAT Examination. Hope you all got helped. If any other queries, comment below. We will reach out to you.

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