Scope after clearing CTET Exam

scope after clearing ctet

Scope after clearing CTET  – Comprehensive guide to understanding future prospects for CTET Examinees

Scope after Clearing CTET Exam

Teachers lay the foundation for any student. Right from Montessori or kindergarten teachers who teach children to professors who teach in colleges, teachers play a primary role in the development of students. Especially, school level primary and secondary teachers play a crucial level in the development of a student. The CTET stands for Central Teacher Eligibility Test.

CTET Notification 2018 has been released and it is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to become a Teacher. It is a National level examination for those who want to become a teacher in Government aided or Private CBSE schools. CTET certification is an accepted norm during the recruitment process. At times, schools do not even consider candidates who do not hold a CTET Certification. Therefore, it is advisable to write the CTET exam if you are aspiring to become a Primary or Secondary teacher in a CBSE School.

There are be two papers in CTET:

  1. The Paper I will be for a person who intends to be a teacher for classes I to V.
  1. Paper II will be for a person who intends to be a teacher for classes VI to VIII.
  2. A person who intends to be a teacher for both levels (classes I to V and classes VI to VIII) will have to appear in both the papers (Paper I and Paper II).

What is the scope after clearing the CTET Examination?

Since 2011, all the CBSE and Government aided schools to recruit teachers who have passed the CTET Examination. Several Private schools also accept the CTET certificate during the recruitment process. The CTET  process aims to standardize the recruitment process of teachers. Once, you crack the CTET exam, you can land a job in any of the government aided or reputed Private CBSE schools based on your choice and also on the availability of vacancies. Nothing can be more satisfying for a CTET applicant – to crack the exam and land a job in any of the chains of CBSE schools run by Kendriya Vidyalaya or others in cities. Teaching in CBSE schools makes for an illustrious and respectable career that no one wants to miss.

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What to do after clearing the CTET Examination?

If you just sit at home without looking for the job you want, then there is no chance for you to get recruited. Once you have cleared your CTET Examination with a good percentage, start applying for jobs at various schools. Keep in mind that you are eligible to apply for the post of teachers for primary or TGT post in all the CBSE and Central Government Schools. If you have applied for Paper I and Paper II, then you are eligible to apply for both PGT And TGT posts. Please note that your CTET Scorecard is valid for seven academic years from the date of issue. Annually, CTET exam is taken by over 10 lakh applicants across India. However, the pass percentage is between 1-3%.

Scope after clearing CTET

  1. Search the websites of CBSE and the Central Government Schools on a regular basis.
  2. Check the opportunity pages of the newspapers.
  3. Apply for the teacher’s position wherever you find one. Attending the interviews at various schools can enhance your confidence. This can also help in understanding the interview pattern of schools.
  4. Always keep an eye on the employment news from schools.
  5. Try in any Government aided CBSE schools
  6. Apply for a job in any reputed CBSE Private schools

Prepare well for your forthcoming CTET Examination, because attaining the CTET Certificate is an achievement. Understanding the scope of clearing the CTET is important. This will help all the candidates who are appearing for the CTET Exams. The applicants preparing for the CTET Examination should focus well to meet good results for a good career.

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