SBI PO vs IT Industry Job 2020

What is Difference between SBI PO Job and IT Industry job?

IT and computer science jobs have been dominating market from past many years but now the trend has changed as aspiring candidates are seeking jobs more in the government banking sector and in which Probationary Officer job in State Bank Of India tops the chart.

IT job is highly influenced with the MNC (Multi National Company) culture and environment where your job performance and project availability are two major factors.

SBI PO Exam is an amazing opportunity to make a very strong and established career in banking sector. Every year candidates in huge numbers are selected by SBI to fill available probationary Officer Seats.

The mentioned below table shows you contrasting differences between a SBI PO job and an IT job

Point to notice SBI PO IT Job
Job Security Ø  Highly secured

Ø  There are no layoffs during recession time.

Ø  A steady and established career path

Ø  Evergreen Field


Ø  Not so highly secured

Ø  At the time of recession, maximum layoffs are done by IT companies in order to save the cost of the company.

Ø  This is not an evergreen field; project dependency is one major factor in case company is small to medium sized.


Market Goodwill This is one of the most renowned banks in India. People recognize only the big IT names and brands such as Google, Infosys, HCL, Wipro and TCS.


Salary and other allowances Salary of a SBI Probationary Officer at his/her entry level is much higher than an entry level IT job person.

The starting basic pay in SBI PO Cadre is `27,620/- (with 4 advance increments) as Scale-I.

The total compensation per annum is minimum of `7.55 lacs and maximum of `12.93 lacs depending on place of posting.

An entry level IT person gets annual CTC of 3-3.5 lacs along with other allowances incurred for company’s work.
Growth Aspects   You can become a branch manager within 4-5 years of time span. It takes more than 4-5 years to reach to the mid level manager post in an IT firm.


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