SBI PO Success Story 2017- Pallav Angrulla

SBI PO Success Story 2017

SBI PO Success Story 2017- Read here SBI PO 2017 Success Story of Pallav Angrulla from Amritsar who cracked SBI PO in a single attempt. Let us read how he made it happen!

SBI PO Success Story 2017

“Don’t wait for an opportunity, create it”

SBI PO Success Story- When you put your mind, heart and soul into even your smallest act, it becomes a successful one. When you determined enough to achieve something, the biggest of hurdles cannot stop you. You might have across several myths of banking exams being tough and competitive. But, a career in banking is alluring enough to make students work hard to pursue it. Pallav Angrulla, a student from Amritsar, who chased his dreams with the right approach. If you are a banking aspirant and is not motivated enough to prepare well, you need to definitely go through SBI PO success story 2017 of Pallav who got through the SBI PO exam in his first attempt. Let us start our journey and get to know more about this SBI PO Success Story 2o17 –

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SBI PO Success Story 2017- Tips to crack SBI PO by the Topper

What made you choose banking as a career?

I have an engineering background after which I pursued my MBA from IIT Roorkee in a dual specialization of Finance and Marketing. Gradually, I started developing an interest in finance sector but unfortunately was unable to make it right after my MBA. But, my orientation was always towards banking as I belong to a family of bankers. This inclination persuaded me to take up banking as a career.

What are the exams you have cleared this year?

I attempted three exams this year. I attempted the exam of RBI as was able to get through the first phase but couldn’t get through the second phase. I also attempted the exam of Bank of India Credit Officer, got through the written exam but couldn’t get through the interview. Third attempt was SBI PO and fortunately, I was able to crack it.

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How many times have you attempted these exams?

This was my first attempt. When the SBI PO Official notification came out, I started preparing for the exams and was left with 70- 80 days for preparation.

Does cut throat competition threaten your confidence?

I won’t say that the cut- throat competition hampered my confidence. Rather, it motivated me to work harder. I got to hear about the competition for limited number of seats. But, I always had on my mind that I have to give my best. I had my strategy “Smart work with hard work” which boosted my confidence. In case of exams like this, you don’t need to score out- of- the box. You just have to perform relatively better than others to crack.

What was your preparation plan- both overall and sectional strategies?

My preparation plan was a bit unique because I only had 75- 80 days to prepare. 2 years ago, I was preparing for CAT in which I had a decent score. I remembered a few basics but had forgotten many. In this first 10 days, I covered certain topics of quant in which I was weak. After that, for the rest 60 days I was attempting practice tests and analyzing my performance.

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How many Mock Tests have you attempted for clearing these exams?

I had attempted a lot of mock tests. In fact, I was more into attempting mock tests than practising topics. I might have attempted at least 70- 90 mock tests for prelims. I was attempting those questions, analyzing each question along with my performance in those questions which worked wonders for me.

Which test-series did you practice with to excel in your efforts?

I had practised from a lot of test series. But, the test series range provided by Toprankers was one of my favorites. When I was left with 10 days before prelims exam, I was only practising questions from Toprankers test series. The questions which I encountered in the exam were total replica of what I had practised. The interface of the test series completely matches the real exam. It helped me score highest of marks I had ever scored and I would like to express gratitude to the entire Toprankers team. Well done!

How was your experience taking up the mock tests?

It was a really good experience. Everything about the mock tests were well- planned and well- structured. The interface was very user- friendly and was in line with the actual exam. Overall, it was a good experience.

What similarity you found between test-series and the actual exam?

I could find that 10 mock test from the test series provided by Toprankers and SBI PO prelims pattern was the same- both in terms of pattern asked and types of questions asked. I was quite amazed with the depth of analysis the team does before preparing those mock tests which makes those mock tests perfect in every way.

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Any piece of advice for other students appearing for bank exams?

Now a days, the banking domain has become one of the most dynamic sectors. The last year paper was different as compared to what we attempted in mains this year. So, students need to analyze the latest changing trends along with practice from previous year papers.

We thank Pallav to make the team of Toprankers proud and wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.

Did you get motivated enough by this SBI PO Success Story 2017? If yes, stay tuned because some more are coming your way. Till then, Happy learning!


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