SBI PO Interview Tips 2020- One Must know to Nail the Interview!

SBI PO is the third stage of the SBI PO Exam. The State Bank of India is going to release the SBI PO Exam Dates 2020 soon. It is the perfect time that the interested candidates should start their preparation not only for the Prelims and Mains stage but also for the Interview Stage. Hence, in this article, we have provided you with the SBI PO Interview Tips which will be immensely helpful for your upcoming SBI PO Interview. There are around 16 Interview Mock Videos consisting of questions asked in SBI PO Interviews and all other important aspects that the interview appearing candidates must be aware of. Go through the complete article and all the videos provided here to know all the SBI PO Interview Tips and all the SBI PO Interview Questions that generally come in interviews.

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SBI PO Interview Tips are what you need if you clear that SBI PO 2020 Mains round. Find all guidelines related to the SBI PO Interview to create an impact before the interview panel. Read through to learn more about SBI PO Interview Tips.

SBI PO Interview Tips to Make an Impact

The interview phase shall take place from September to October 2020. We really encourage your efforts that you have given to make it till the final round and we believe that you can also nail the interview. Here we are to help you with some important Interview tips that can surely add up to your preparation and give you the proper Personal Interview Strategy. Get the SBI PO Interview Tips in PDF Format too below.

Furthermore: you can also download the Biodata form released by SBI to be carried along with the Interview call letter. Get all the information about character certificates here:

The final selection of the candidate is based on the marks obtained in the Mains exam and the marks obtained in Interview in a ratio of 80:20 out of 100 marks. Hence you can estimate the effort you have to put on preparing for the interview as you are already aware of your Mains exam performance. Check here for the SBI PO 2020 Interview Tips PDF here.

SBI PO Interview Tips: Know the Rounds

The Interview phase for SBI PO shall be consisting of 3 rounds:

  1. Group Discussion
  2. Group Exercise
  3. Personal Interview

Group Discussion

This round shall be for a span of 20 minutes. You shall be called in groups and given a common topic. You will be given 5 mins time to jot down a few points either for or against the topic. Later on, you are to keep your opinion with justified remarks before the panel and your group. Remember to put your views in a smart but peaceful manner.

Group Exercise

Group Exercise is also a 20 minutes round. This will continue just after the previous section. You shall be given a common task that you shall have to solve by consulting the whole team. In this round, your team managing and team player skills are tested. Hence do not forget to keep this in mind that it is a team game. but at the same time, you have to evolve the winner.

Personal Interview

Personal Interview shall be the final round where you will be sitting in front of a Panel of Interviewers. The best weapon for this round is confidence. Your body language shall matter a lot, hence remember to be aware that you look confident. More importantly, try to speak relevantly. Answer only what you know and do not over-talk. Prepare on your resume and basic banking awareness for PI round.

SBI PO Live Interview – Watch Live Mock Interview Session Now!

SBI PO Mock GD X Banking Interview Technical Discussion SBI PO Mock GD XI

SBI PO Interview Tips: Important Tips to Remember

Before walking down the Interview venue, you must keep in mind a number of important tips that will surely prove to be helpful:

  • Always remember that one person in the panel is to observe your communicating skills and hence keep your body language smart and presentable.
  • Dress simple smart and formal for the Interview Day.
  • Reach minimum 30 mins before the scheduled time at the venue of Interview.
  • Keep all the required documents handy for the initial stage of document verification.
  • Always ask permission before entering the interview room and sit where you are asked to. Do not forget to have a proper handshake with the Interviewers. Do not slouch.
  • Have a well prepared introductory statement stating your name, city, highest qualification and work experience. Also, prepare well about your family background, gain updated information about the place you live, some important achievements you have made so made, work profile (if you are in service).
  • Keep constant eye contact with the interviewer who questions you. This is a symbol that you are confident about what you are speaking.
  • Be ready with a few sets of questions like:
    1. Every detail on your resume such as why you choose to pursue a specific degree?
    2. What are your strengths and weakness?
    3. How can you implement your strengths in your job role?
    4. Why are you choosing Bank Job as a career?
    5. What do you know about SBI, basic essential banking information related to SBI?
    6. Questions related to current affairs for the last 6 months.

Live SBI Mock GD

Banking Interview Technical Discussion Banking Interview Technical Round Mock SBI Personal Interview
 Live SBI PO Mock GD – I  Live SBI PO Mock GD- II  Live SBI PO Mock GD – III
SBI PO Mock GD(SC/ST Act amendment)  Live SBI PO Mock GD – IV  Live SBI PO Mock GD – V
 Live SBI PO Mock GD – VI  Live SBI PO Mock GD – VII  Live SBI PO Mock GD – VIII

It is advised to be prepared to face some tough or tricky questions out of the box. But the best and decent way you can handle will obviously help you earn some brownie points. After all, it is all in the attitude of a person – How well you can get through that.

We hope that these SBI Interview Tips could help you with a lot of information and strategy. We wish you All the Best!


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