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SBI PO Group Discussion & Personal Interview will be held from 24th September 2018 to 12th October 2018. According to the SBI PO notification, exam process involves a round of group discussion after the Mains examination is over.Its time for SBI PO Group Discussion Preparations. Once you clear the group discussion then personal interview will be easy to crack. Many people have the phobia of Group Discussion. To make the GD & PI easy for you, we are providing SBI PO GD Preparation PDF. PDF contains all the important topics and other parameters on which invigilator will judge you in GD & PI. Go through the PDF


SBI PO Group Discussion Preparation – Download PDF

Group Discussion involve a topics about which a set of people discuss & few are picked for Personal Interview of SBI PO. Let’s see how you could crack Group Discussion and make it to the next round of SBI PO Exam. There are majorly 6 important points to be taken care while preparing for SBI PO GD & PI.

  1. Communication skills – You need to be a good speaker as well as good listener to impress your invigilator.
  2. Ability to present oneself effectively – Your confidence & body language matters alot. You can command on this by continuous practice.
  3. Awareness of contemporary issues – You should have knowledge on important matters. Bel0w PDF will provide you all the important topics which you need to prepare well before facing the SBI PO Group Discussion.
  4. Team dimensions and coordination – You have to stay with the team, team coordination gives you bonus marks in a GD.
  5. Leadership quality – If you start the discussion before everyone or you conclude it effectively, it shows your leadership quality.
  6. Problem solving mindset – Keep your discussion on the right track. Avoid deviation.

Above 6 points are very important while preparing for SBI PO Group Discussion & Personal Interview.

Download SBI PO Group Discussion Preparation PDF

What can you expect at the Center?

Group Discussion not only helps you to get the position or to get shortlisted in the exam, but it also represents your interpersonal skills. With some really easy tips, you can perform outstandingly well in the group discussion round of SBI PO exam. First of all, let’s check out what you can expect at the centre:

  1. As a group, one can expect 10-12 candidates to participate.
  2. 3-4 people will be there at the centre to provide the topics as well as to monitor the discussion.
  3. Questions are asked to individual candidates on the given topic.
  4. Candidates can use either English or Hindi

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SBI PO Group Discussion Tips

Talk Sense

Students think that Group Discussion about just speaking about a particular topic. It is rather a test of your ability to think quickly and offering a quick explanation to any given topic. If you are starting off with the group discussion, make sure you are justifying the topic by talking in context to the topic.

Avoid Shouting

The actual group discussions are much different to what is portrayed in various television shows. Actions such as loud voice, weird expressions, unfriendly gestures, foul behavior etc., are considered to be a big disappointment. Be polite and sound impressive.

Wait for your turn

Your behavior tells it all. Etiquettes are essential for Group Discussion. Every candidate is given a chance to speak and present his/ her opinion on the given topic. Therefore, be patient and wait for your turn. If somebody has already presented your facts earlier, then try and present the same with a wider viewpoint and perspective.

Try to be Factual

The best way to grab the attention in a group discussion is by being full of facts and statistics. For this, you need to read the newspaper regularly and upon memorizing most of the statistics you will find yourself speaking flawlessly in the discussion while other simply stare at you!

Speak For/ Against with lesser support

There could be some situations where the host intentionally presents a topic where the majority will either talk for or against the topic. In that situation, try and do the just opposite as it will help you to draw the attention of the host. One or two solid points in your support will definitely give you an edge over others.

Conclude the Discussion

If you are able to conclude a discussion properly, you are the center of attraction of the discussion. The ability to conclude a discussion in a proper manner will simply make you unique among others.

SBI PO Group Discussion Preparation – Important Topics

  • Cleanliness should be the fundamental duty of every citizen.
  • Is right to freedom being misused?
  • What are the merits and de-merits of One Rank One Pension scheme?
  • Women employment is possible through mass awareness rather than launching programmes.
  • What measures should be adopted for avoiding NPA?
  • What do you think about reservations in education and jobs?
  • Public sector banks are the backbone of Indian rural economy since private sector banks only focus on profit maximization.
  • Indian Bureaucracy needs to be more accountable to the public otherwise it will not be empathetic to the problems of Indian people.
  • Wind power Vs Solar Energy?
  • How useful is the Moderation policy in CBSE?
  • Cultural reforms, Strict laws or Educational Reform what is more important for Women Empowerment?
  • In what way Payment Banks are useful?
  • What is the impact of GST on Indian Economy?
  • How does US Presidential Elections affect us?
  • Air Traffic Controllers should be more concerned about the safety of passengers.
  • Cricket killing all other sports in India.

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