SBI Clerk Mains Time Management Tips 2019

sbi clerk mains time management tips

The Prelims Result has been released on July 23, 2019. This post is completely based on SBI Clerk Mains Time Management Tips for those who are preparing for the Mains Exam which is going to be conducted on August 10, 2019.

Students must know that their final selection will be done on the basis of their performance in the SBI Clerk Mains Exam. So, it is very important to crack the Mains Exam.

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SBI Clerk Mains Time Management Tips

There are various factors which can help the students manage their time effectively during the Mains Examination 2019.

  • First of all, students should not get panicked in the exam
  • There is no need to read the questions again and again
  • If the student is unclear about the question, they must simply move on to the next one

The following is the elaborated content which will give the candidates step by step and subject-wise insights on how to plan on completing the exam on time and cracking it the first attempt:

1. Understand the Exam Pattern

Half the work is done when one completely understands the SBI Clerk Exam Pattern. There are sectional timings allotted which candidates must take care of. One cannot start attempting the other section while they’re onto one, already.

  • There are no criteria where candidates will get a chance to return to a previous section
  • They have to attempt one section at a time
  • While practicing for this exam, candidates have to take care of this part very carefully

2. SBI Clerk Mains Time Management Tips for General English

Candidates will get 35 minutes to complete 40 questions. Each question carries 1 mark. English section is mostly easy to moderate level of difficulty. So, candidates can easily crack this section.

  • English section is one of the most simple and easy sections of SBI Clerk
  • Do not stop at any tricky question. That can waste a lot of time

The students should attempt a different type of questions in the time frames given below:

Cloze Test – 6 minutes

Error Spotting (Vocab)/Fill in the Blanks – 4 minutes

Error Spotting (Grammar) – 6 minutes

Para Jumbles – 4 minutes

Reading Comprehension – 7-9 minutes

Phrase Replacement – 6 minutes

If students will attempt the paper according to this time frame, they will surely finish all the questions and within the time.

3. SBI Clerk Mains Time Management Tips for General & Financial Awareness

Students have to complete 50 questions in this section. The time limit is 35 minutes. Each question carries 1 mark.Start with answering those questions which candidates feel they are very sure about.

  • After attempting questions with you are completely certain about, attempt the ones you are reasonably certain after removing one or two other options
  • Do not go on attempting all the questions if you are not sure about them otherwise, there will be a lot o negative marking
  • Making wrong attempts can bring the performance level down because of this section which will affect the entire/overall marks in the exam
  • Try to spend more time on Financial Awareness questions, download sbi clerk syllabus pdf

4. SBI Clerk Mains Time Management Tips for Quantitative Aptitude

Candidates will have to complete 50 questions within 45 minutes. Each question shall carry 1 mark.

  • There is a possibility of 10-14 questions based on Simplification. They shall be easy to solve. So, students should not spend more than 1-2 minutes on that part
  • 2-5 sets of Data Interpretation shall appear in the exam. Students must spend only 3-4 minutes per set.
  • Just 5 questions will be there on Number Series. In case, you feel, more than 3 minutes are being taken to solve all these questions, then just leave and proceed on to the next section
  • Similarly, with the questions on Quadratic Equations, the students must not spend more than 50 seconds on each question
  • Now, 20 questions are to be solved within 18 minutes. The students must proceed with solving the problems according to the difficulty level of the question paper
  • The entire section can be solved giving 30-50 seconds to each problem in the paper

5. SBI Clerk Mains Time Management Tips for Reasoning Ability & Computer Awareness

It is certain that there are going to be 10-15 questions which will be based on Computer Awareness. Each question shall carry 1 mark. Read the following to know how to manage time in the SBI Clerk Mains exam 2019:

  • There will, possibly, be 10 questions on Reasoning, each carrying 2 marks. Otherwise, all questions shall carry 1 mark each.
  • The students have to complete the entire paper within 45 minutes
  • The questions from computer awareness are going to be easy, students must target to complete each of these questions under 30 seconds of time
  • Do not play the guessing game. If the students are not certain, they should proceed on to the other problems
  • Try solving Coding-Decoding in the beginning. There might not be more than 5 questions on this topic. Students must not spend more than 5 minutes on this section
  • Inequalities section shall be having around 5 questions, as well. Complete all these questions under the time of 5 minutes. In case of uncertainty, please move to the other section
  • Proceed forward to solve the questions from Blood Relations and Directions & Distances and try to finish all of them under 5 minutes, itself
  • Solve problems of Ordering and Ranking within 2 minutes’ of time
  • Then, come to the Syllogism and complete the part in 2-3 minutes, it would be easy. The time left must be spent on solving Puzzles section

Do not get stuck on one problem. Keep moving forward. Do not attempt a wrong question. Keep moving forward.

How To Improve Performance Level in SBI Clerk Mains Exam?

All the aspirants getting ready to appear for SBI Clerk Mains exam should read some important ways to improve the performance level which are written to below:

  • Do not forget to take at least one SBI Clerk Mock Test for Mains during the preparation days. Practicing the mock tests will help the candidates to get their speed better in the exam. Also, the candidates will understand which section they need to improve more.
  • The time is not much of an issue in the sections like GK & English. If one is thoroughly prepared and has gone through all the topics at least once, these two sections can be easily cracked. They are not too tough, as well. Attempt Daily Free SBI Clerk Quiz for all the sections.
  • One needs to maintain a good level of speed when it comes to the Quant & Reasoning sections. Try answering questions, first, which you are certain about and then move on to the other ones. Do not give time to thinking and trying to find out the outcome. If not sure, just proceed.
  • More Details can be checked on the SBI Official Website

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