SBI Clerk Local Language Test

sbi clerk local language test

The candidates must be aware of the third and final stage of the SBI Clerk Recruitment which is the SBI Clerk Local Language Test. Students who have proof that they have studied the local language in 10th & 12th standard shall not need to appear for this stage of recruitment.

Note: The students will be asked the state and the local language they will be appearing for in the application form itself. Once it is filled and the application form is approved, the students cannot change/alter the same later.

SBI Clerk Local Language Test

Once the students have cleared the Prelims Exam, they are called for the Mains Exam. But after clearing the Mains exam, again, the shortlisted candidates are called to appear for SBI Clerk Local Language Test which is the third stage of SBI Clerk Recruitment Procedure.

  • Candidates who clear Mains will only be eligible for the SBI Clerk Local Language Test
  • Students who do not have a certificate to show in which it is mentioned that they have studied the opted local language in 10th & 12th standard have to appear for this test compulsorily
  • Any candidate who fails this test will be disqualified from the recruitment process according to the SBI Clerk Selection Process regardless of the marks obtained in the Prelims & Mains Exam
  • The SBI Clerk Local Language Test is not a very difficult paper, students can easily crack it
  • This local test is actually a replacement of the interview round because it is important that the students are fully aware of all the aspects of the language they are going to deal with their customers in

sbi clerk local language test

What includes in SBI Clerk Language Test?

The SBI Clerk 2019 Local Language Test is basically a written test. The candidates will be given a specific passage about a particular topic. The candidates would have to answer the questions in the language they have opted for by taking help of the passage which is given.

Students can also be asked to translate a certain passage in the opted language. Also, there is a possibility of some tricky queries as well as poems in the same relation, too.

SBI Clerk Exam Pattern

Types of questions appear in SBI Clerk Local Language Test

The type of questions that appear in the Local Language Test of SBI Clerk 2019 are given as follows:

  • Two similar questions/statements will be given there and the student has to difference which ones have the correct spellings
  • One may have to find out how many vowels and alphabets are there in a particular language
  • A passage might be given and the following will have to be answered by the candidates:
  1. Antonyms & Synonyms
  2. Fill in the blanks
  3. Find the error
  4. Correct the spellings
  5. Match the pairs
  6. Translate some of the passage into the opted language
  7. Write the numbers in the opted language

Other possibilities for SBI Clerk Local Language Test

In this same way, the other possibility of conducting the SBI Clerk Local Language Test could be that the student might be asked to have a general conversation with the officials of SBI at the time of document verification and the officials will give marks according to the fluency of the candidate.

  • The officials do not check grammar but only the fluency of the candidate for the opted language which also includes the accent
  • Even though the answers are incorrect, that would be fine because the officials have to make sure that the candidate can converse with the clients in a proper manner
  • Students must speak in a way that the other person understands the message he/she wants to convey

sbi clerk local language test


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