SBI Clerk Mains Important Questions 2020

SBI Clerk Important Questions

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State Bank of India conducts the SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2020 soon. Hence, it is important for the interested candidates who are willing to appear in the next session to know what type of questions do come in the SBI Clerk Exam. Go through the complete  SBI Clerk Mains Important Questions given here to increase your understanding of the question pattern and important topics.

  • The Mains Exam consists of four sections- Quantitative Aptitude(50), Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude (50), English Language (40), Financial/General Awareness (50)
  • Solving the SBI Clerk Mains Previous Year Papers is necessary as it will give you a basic idea of what to expect in the upcoming exam 2020
  • The Prelims Exam includes three sections of questions-Numerical Ability(35 marks), Reasoning Ability(35 marks), and the English Section(30 marks)
  • As there are three phases of the SBI Clerk Exam and the difficulty level is high, go through the SBI Clerk Preparation Tips 2020 to prepare in the right direction

SBI Clerk Mains Important Questions 2020

There will be fixed timings allotted to each of the sections. And it is necessary that the candidates finish the average number of questions in the given time. Hence, the candidates should prepare from good quality SBI Clerk Study Material and solve the SBI Clerk Mains Mock Test Series as much as possible. Go through the SBI Clerk Exam Analysis page in order to understand what to expect in the next paper.

SBI Clerk

SBI Clerk Mains Important Topics 2020

Check for the overall SBI Clerk Mains Important Topics 2020 along with the average number of questions that come from the topic from the table below-

Important Topics No. of Questions
Seating Arrangement and Puzzle 25
Logical(Statement,Consequence,Assumption) 6
Data Interpretation 19
Wrong Number Series 7
Data Sufficiency 6
Reading Comprehension 17
Simplification 10
Arithmetic 10
Error Detection 7

Section-wise SBI Clerk Mains Important Topics 2020

Check the tables below to know the section-wise expected SBI Clerk Important Topics 2020 for each of the sections.

The topics are important for the Prelims as well as the Mains Exam. In Mains, the level of questions from these topics will become advanced.

SBI Clerk Important Topics for Reasoning Section

Check for the most important topics expected in the Reasoning Section from below-

Syllogism 5
Alpha Numeric Series 5
Alphabetic Coding 5
Basic Coding 5
Inequality(basic/coded pattern) 5
Blood Relations/Direction 2-3
Puzzle/Sitting Arrangement(Line/circular-based, month, day, etc.) 2-3

SBI Clerk Important Topics for Quantitative Aptitude Section

Check for the most important topics in the Quantitative Aptitude Section from below-

Important Topics Average No. of Questions
Simplification 10
Number Series-missing/wrong 5
Inequality-quadratic/Q1, Q2 5
Arithmetic(boat and stream, average, age, 5
Data Interpretation(single chart,line,pie,bar diagram,caselet) 5
Approxification 5

SBI Clerk Mains Important Topics for English Section

The English Section is the easiest of all. Check for the most important topics in the English Section from below-

Important Topics Average No. of Questions
Error (Noun/pronoun/Adjective/Adverbs) 4-5
sentence Improvement/phrase replacement 4-5
Fillers/Cloze Test 4-5
Rearrangement 4-5
Word Swap 2-3
Mis Spelt 2-3
Reading Comprehension 7-8

SBI Clerk Mains Important Questions 2020 for Reasoning

Go through the video given below for SBI Clerk Mains Important Questions in the Reasoning Section and attempt all the Reasoning questions given below to enhance your last-minute preparation.

In a office room of 20 employees,Ashish's rank is 15th from the top.Madhav is 4 ranks above Ashish.What is Madhav's rank from the bottom?

In some groups of letters,they share a common similarity except for one.Choose the odd one out

X0, V1, T1, R2, P4

Seven persons-A,B,C,D,E,F,G are different heights.A is taller than more than 3 persons.C is taller than B and shorter than F.G is taller than D , who is taller than C.B is not the shortest person.G is not the tallest person.G is taller than F. Who among them is the tallest?

13D, 25G, 48L, 92K?

Who is the tallest among them?

In a row of boys,if Arun is 10th from the left,Mukesh is 7th from the right,interchange their position,Arun becomes 25th from left .How many boys are in the row?

Statements: 1. All rings are jewelleries. 2. All jewelleries are diamonds. 3. No ring is a toy. 4. Some toys are baskets.

Statements: 1. Some plastics are papers. 2. No paper is a book. 3. All books are novels. 4. No novel is a poem.

If in a certain language "NIL" is written as "MOHJKM", then how will "BOND" be written in that language?

Statements: 1. All players are honests. 2. No honest is intelligent. 3. Some intelligent are brave. 4. All brave are strong.

If in the English Alphabet,every fouth letter is replaced by the symbol(?),which of the following will be ninth to the left of the forteenth element from the left?

Statements:1.Some cars are bikes. 2. All bikes are red. 3. Some red are green. 4. No green is white.

Who among these is the shortest person?

S is the sister of D.D is married to P.P is the son of M.S is the mother of J.Y is the father of U.Y has only 1 son.and 1 daughter.U is the daughter of S.Qi is the son of D.How is P related to S?

16. F4Z, G14Y, H36X, 176W,?




d)None of the above(correct)

17.P+V means U is the brother of V

W-X means W is the father of X

X/Y means X is the sister of Y

Y x Z means Zis the mother of Y

Which of the following means A is the mother of B?




d)None of the above

SBI Clerk Mains Important Questions 2020 for Quantitative Aptitude

Go through the video given below for SBI Clerk Important Questions in the Quantitative Aptitude Section and attempt all the Quantitative Aptitude questions given below to enhance your last-minute preparation.

Rina invested Rs.20000 in a Fixed Deposit Scheme for 2 years in Compound Interest rate for 4 % per annum.What amont will she get after maturity of the fixed deposit

In an election between two candidates, one got 55% of the total valid votes, 20% of the votes were invalid. If the total number of votes was 7500, the number of valid votes that the other candidate got, was ____________

Rea and Rima finish the work in 42 days and 30 days respectively.Rima started the work and continued to work till 6 days when Rea joined her. till the completion of the work.How long will they take to complete it?

Two-fifth of one-third of three seventh of a number is 15.What is 40% of that number?

12 girls can finish the homework in 15 days and 15 boys can finish the homework in 24 days.How many days will they need overall to finish the work ?

35 women completed the task in 18 days.Some of the women left after 8 days.The left out task was completed in 14 days by remaining women.What will the number of women remaining after 8 days of work?

Difference between Simple Interest recieved from 2 persons on Rs. 1500 for 3 Years is Rs. 13.50.The difference between their Rate of Interest is

A and B can build the house alone in X days and (x+10) days respectively.They work together to build a house in 6 2/3 days.What will be the efficiency ration of A that to B?

You need a 18% acid solution for a certain test, but your supplier only ships a 13% solution and a 43% solution. You need 120 lts of the 18% acid solution. the 13% solution costs Rs 82 per ltr for the first 67 ltrs, and Rs 66 per ltr for any amount in access of 67 ltrs. What is the cost of the 13% solution you should buy?

Rs.1500 will be divided into 2 persons such as 1 part is invested at 5% and the other at 6%.The annual Interest from both the sum is Rs. 85.Find how much is lent at 5%?

What will be the Compound Interest Rate per annum when sum of Rs. 1400 become Rs 1573 in 2 years

C completes the work 20% more efficiently than D.Both of them complete the works in 5 5/11 days.How many days will will C take to complete the work?

Sum of money becomes 9 times in 20 years.Find the 10 times of the Rate of Interest

The Yearly Rate of Interest,corresponds to a nominal rate of 6% per annum payable every 6 months,will be

What is the vertex of the following equation: x2 - 8x + 15 = 0?

A carpenter claims to be lending Money at Simple Interest and he includes the interest every 6 months to calculate the principal.He charges a 10% Interest,the new rate of Interest will be

If 6 men and 8 boys can do a piece of work in 10 days while 26 men and 48 boys can do the same in 2 days, the time taken by 15 men and 20 boys in doing the same type of work will be:

One -third of certain journey is covered at the rate of 25kmph,one-fourth at the rate of 30kmph and the rest at 50 kmph.Find the average speed for the whole journey.

SBI Clerk Mains Important Questions 2020 for English

Go through the video given below for SBI Clerk Important Questions in the English Section and attempt all the English questions given below to enhance your last-minute preparation.


Synonym of INEBRIATE?

Jogging______ and getting proper food habits will help,but these actions only_____ improve health conditions intensely.

The steel Industry in America has______harmful weather in recent timesThe steel factories is one of the few to have ________ this storm.

5. On being asked for the passport,he_____ to his dismay that he had____ to bring it along with him to the airport

a)shocked, failed b) realized, forgotten c)pleaded, neglected d)understood, lost e) recognized, missed

RAMBUNCTIOUS : These rambunctious dogs are not settling down and stop barking too much.


WANE : She waned her individual ideas from the group

Choose the words/group of words which is most similar in meaning to the Word/Phrase printed in Bold as printed in bold


Synonym of ABDICATE?

6.The Crane ran to the ship, The Crane hauled the car out, The white crane quivered its wings and flied

VIABLE : The two small bookstores see a merger as the only viable means of competing with online booksellers.

UPBRAID : The police officer did not hesitate to upbraid the man for driving without insurance.

India cannot have a government which is __________ and a set of leaders who are ______ to lend when the mishap arises

Antonym of Arduous?

The poor have never had a _______ of freedom in a cruel society.They are wounded people________ and helpless.

4.As the boat______, all those on board, fortunately, managed to reach the bank of the river_______, with the help of the lifeboats

a)Capsized, drowned b)fell, harmlessly c)dropped, uninjured d)deceased, unhurt e)sank,safely

Synonym of accord?

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