RRB NTPC Job Profiles 2019


RRB NTPC Job Profiles 2019:- RRB is conducting the exam for all Non-Technical Popular Categories and Non-Technical Staff. The RRB has released RRB NTPC 2019 notification to fill RRB NTPC Vacancy of 35277 seats before April 12, 2019. 

  • However, the candidates who have applied for the exam and if their RRB NTPC Application Form is approved, they will get their RRB NTPC Admit Card 2019. 
  • Moreover, there is a lot of information regarding the RRB NTPC Job Profiles 2019. The following information gives you a brief and clear idea of the subject.

RRB NTPC Job Profiles 2019 Highlights

NTPC Full Form Non-Technical Popular Categories
Conducting Body Railway Recruitment Board
Application Form Date Starts on March 01, 2019
Best Post in RRB Commercial Apprentice
CBT-1 Tentatively scheduled between June-September 2019
Official Website www.indianrailways.gov.in

rrb ntpc job profiles

RRB NTPC Salary Details

As per the RRB Notification, here is the list of the salary for all the posts of RRB NTPC Job Profiles. Candidates go through the list for more clearance-

Name of Posts Salary
Junior Clerk cum Typist 19900
Account Clerk cum Typist 19900
Junior timekeeper 19900
Trains Clerk 19900
Commercial cum Ticket Clerk 21700
Traffic Assistant 25500
Senior Time Keeper 29200
Senior Commercial cum Ticket Clerk 29200
Senior Clerk cum Typist 29200
Junior Account Assistant cum Typist 29200
Goods Guard 29200
Station Master 35400
Commercial Apprentice 35400

RRB NTPC Job Profiles and Posts 2019

The following is the list of RRB NTPC Job Profiles and posts. Click on them to expand the entire Job Profile:

1.RRB NTPC Assistant Station Master(ASM)

RRB ASM has to make sure the trains are functioning in an appropriate manner. Also, the responsibility of the passengers’ comfort is one part of their job. The following are some aspects of this RRB NTPC Job profiles-

  • However, the (ASM) is responsible for the running of trains at the station where he gets posted
  • Moreover, the person at the job will operate the signals, ensuring that all the tasks are finished according to the rule book
  • The ASM has to work in different shifts
  • The ASM will get all kinds of government allowances

2. RRB NTPC Commercial Apprentice(CA)

RRB Commercial Apprentice is the supervisor who is multi-skilled in different branches. The following are some aspects of the RRB NTPC job profiles of Commercial Apprentice:

  • Firstly, there are 2 years training in this job and the person will be paid in the training as well
  • The workload of the person at this job is high
  • The shift systems in the job are available
  • However, the RRB Commercial Apprentice is the most preferred post in RRB NTPC job profiles.
  • The person has to work 9-10 hours a day
  • Most importantly, the employee gets all kinds of extra allowances, for example, House Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance, etc.

rrb ntpc job profile

3. RRB NTPC Goods Guard

The goods guard will supervise the functioning of the trains. Moreover, to address and rectify any kind of problem in the movement of the vehicle. The candidates interested in the RRB NTPC job profiles of Goods Guard can understand the aspects of the RRB NTPC Job Profiles in the following mentioned points:

  • Firstly, the person handles and takes care of the smooth running of the train
  • Secondly, there is no fixed time for work. The fluctuations will always be there
  • Candidates who love exploring new places would be perfect for this job
  • Also, the job is a little dangerous and the person requires to be having a conscious presence of mind to run things smoothly
  • Although, the working hours would be 9-10 per day
  • The employees will be provided with all kind of allowances along with the salary package

4. RRB NTPC Traffic Apprentice

RRB Traffic Apprentice has to handle train operations. The following mentioned are the important aspects of this RRB NTPC Job Profiles-

  • The person who can be active and be on his feet would be perfect for this job
  • Secondly, there is an availability of shifts
  • The person does not need to handle any team in this job
  • Once there is a decisive selection of the candidate is there, a Traffic Apprentice has to go through the training period of 2 years.

5. RRB NTPC Junior Clerk cum Accountant

The JAA has to handle and manage all kinds of accountancies. The following are some important points in regard to the RRB NTPC job profiles Junior Clerk cum Accountant:

  • The person at this job has to maintain all the necessary accounts
  • The will be calling for tenders for various services of the railway department
  • The person will provide account reports, inventory management and other data of the finance department
  • Moreover, they will also handle the settlement of claims

rrb ntpc job profile

6. RRB NTPC Senior Clerk cum Typist

The person at the job has to handle the junior clerks and work at various departments. The candidates must check out the following important aspects of this job:

  • The person at the job might be sent to various departments
  • The department may vary from one to another like Electrical, Engineering or Mechanical
  • Secondly, it is considered to be the best job for women
  • The timing is usual and the entire work has to be handled indoors and on a computer

7. RRB NTPC Traffic Assistant

RRB NTPC Job Profiles for Traffic Assistant has to handle the traffic signals. More of the information is given below, the candidates must read:

  • Firstly, the person has to be very active and needs to be on his feet
  • Secondly, they have to work in different shifts
  • Selected candidates will get the proper training.
  • There is a 45-day training period
  • Most importantly, they have to help in the streamlined movement of trains.

8. RRB NTPC Senior Time Keeper

The person has to work in sync with the entire railway network. Also, keep the time records of trains. Rest, given below is the information all candidates must go through:

  • However, a person with good focus would be excellent for this job
  • There will be different shifts so the person should be comfortable with that in the first place.
  • The work pressure is a little high
  • But most importantly, there is a lot of learning in this job

9. RRB Junior Clerk cum Typist

Junior Clerk cum Typist has the following RRB NTPC job profiles criterion:

  • However, the total vacancies for this job are 4319
  • The candidates who are 12th pass can apply for this job
  • Moreover, the person has to handle a lot of computer work

RRB Recruitment 2019: Posts and Vacancy

The table below is the vacancy details for those candidates who require a bachelor’s degree as the minimum qualification and age must be 18-30 years:

The table below is the vacancy detail for the candidates who need a minimum qualification to be 12th standard. The age must be in between 18-30 years:

Name of the post Level in 7thCPC Initial Pay (Rs.) Medical Standard Total Vacancies (all RRBs)
Traffic Assistant 4 25500 A-2 88
Goods Guard 5 29200 A-2 5748
Senior Commercial cum Ticket Clerk 5 29200 B-2 5638
Senior Clerk cum Typist 5 29200 C-2 2873
Junior Accountant Assistant cum typist 5 29200 C-2 3164
Senior Time Keeper 5 29200 C-2 14
Commercial Apprentice 6 35400 B-2 259
Station Master 6 35400 A-2 6865
                                                                                                                    Grand Total 24649

The table below is the RRB NTPC Vacancy detail for the candidates who need a minimum qualification to be 12th standard. The age must be in between 18-30 years:

Name of the post Level in 7thCPC Initial Pay (Rs.) Medical Standard Total Vacancies (all RRBs)
Junior Clerk cum Typist 2 19900 C-2 4319
Accounts Clerk cum typist 2 19900 C-2 760
Junior Time Keeper 2 19900 C-2 11
Trains Clerk 2 19900 A-3 592
Commercial cum Ticket Clerk 3 21700 B-2 4940
                                                                                                                 Grand Total 10628

RRB Paramedical Recruitment

RRB NTPC Updated Zone-wise Vacancy

The following table has RRB NTPC Updates Zone-wise Vacancy. All candidates must check-

Name of RRBs Old Vacancies (Feb 28, 2019) Revised Vacancies (March 02, 2019)
Ahmedabad 1261 1024
Ajmer 2167 1773
Allahabad 5321 4099
Bangalore 2980 2470
Bhopal 1277 997
Bhubaneswar 638 498
Bilaspur 1502 1207
Chandigarh 3185 2483
Chennai 3380 2694
Gorakhpur 1650 1298
Guwahati 1085 851
Jammu-Srinagar 1073 898
Kolkata 3796 2949
Malda 1322 1043
Mumbai 4716 3665
Muzaffarpur 429 329
Patna 1326 1039
Ranchi 1757 1386
Secunderabad 4022 3234
Siliguri 568 443
Thiruvananthapuram 1076 897
Total 44531 35277

RRB NTPC Salary Allowance

RRB NTPC offers various kinds of salary allowances to the employees. The candidates can know what salary allowances RRB provides as follows:

  • Dearness Allowance: This allowance means a certain amount of cost of living adjustment which is paid to the employees by the government
  • Transport Allowance: The govt. also provides the person the Transport Allowance to commute between their work to home
  • House Rent Allowance: The employee will get an allowance for the rent of their house.
  • Pension Scheme: A small amount of the employee’s salary is saved by the officials which are given to them after the retirement monthly.
  • Medical Benefits: The employees also get medical care facilities as the allowances

After deductions, the net pay is Rs.22,550/- for Grade Pay Rs.4200/- and for the grade pay Rs.2800/-, it is Rs.18.912/-. The net pay takes an upward shift after the 7th pay commission.

rrb ntpc job profile

RRB NTPC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The candidates come with a lot of queries and doubts when it comes to RRB NTPC Job Profiles and Salaries. Here FAQ,s are there to resolve the candidate’s doubts. All students must read:

Q. Which is the best post in RRB NTPC?

A. The best posts happened to be RRB Commercial Apprentice and RRB Traffic Assistant in Railways

Q. What is the full form of NTPC?

A. NTPC stands for Non-Technical Popular Categories in Railways

Q. What is the salary of Railway Clerk?

A. The typical Indian Railways Commercial Clerk salary is ₹25,794. The Commercial Clerk payouts in Indian Railways varies from ₹25,794 – ₹51,589.


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