RRB Group D GS Questions 2018-19 Download PDF

RRB Group D GS Questions

This post will cover General Science Questions asked in the RRB Group D Exam. The exam was of “Easy to Moderate” in terms of difficulty. Examination for RRB Group D 2018 concluded in December 2018. Candidates preparing for RRB NTPC Exam or any other Indian Railways Exam can Download both Hindi & English PDF for RRB Group D GS Questions 2018 from the link mentioned below.

Railway releases a huge number of vacancies every year for the recruitment of various posts in Group D. Here in this article there is the complete detail about the RRC Group D Study Material for those candidates who are preparing for the Level 1 exam of Railway. Along with the questions, we are providing the PDF of Study Material to download.

RRB Group D GS Questions

The Important Topics in the General Science section of the Railway Recruitment Board Group D Exam were:

Periodic Table Chemical Formulas Human Anatomy
General Physics SI units  Chemical Equations
  • SI units were asked in almost all shifts of the exam.
  • Human Anatomy questions were a bit tricky & were asked indirectly.
  • Candidates must prepare Chemical Formulas & Equations thoroughly, as they are asked very frequently by all exams conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board.
  • Questions asked in Physics were relatively simple to answer.

rrb group d gs questions

RRC Group D Study Material 2019

The exam of Level 1 in Railway is comparatively easy than the other exam of railways. As per the RRC Group D Previous Year Exam, the level of the exam was difficult. Candidates had faced the difficulty in the General Knowledge Section of the exam, as the Science Part came difficult.

Here is the RRC Group D Study Material for the candidates who applied for the exam and will be applied in the next upcoming years. There are 4 sections is Prelims exam (Computer Based Test)- Quantitative Aptitude, General Science, General Awareness & Current Affairs, and Reasoning Ability & General Intelligence.

RRB NTPC Exam will be conducted in the month of February 2020 tentatively. Aspirants appearing for the NTPC Exam must go through the RRB Group D GS Questions 2018 PDF for preparation.

General Science Questions asked in RRB Group D 2018 Exam

Some questions asked in the RRB Group D Exam have been listed here, you can also download the RRB Group D GS Questions PDF in English & Hindi, from the link mentioned below.

Q. Which of the following is the element from the 4th group? Titanium (Ti)Zirconium (Zr), Hafnium (Hf) and Rutherfordium (Rf)

A. Titanium (Ti)

Q. What is the formula of the Plaster of Paris? 

A.CaSO4. 2H2O

Q. What is the Chemical formula of Baking Soda?


Q.Which hormone decides Male or Female? 

A. Male mammals typically have an X and a Y chromosome (XY), while female mammals typically have two X chromosomes (XX).

Q. CaSO4 + Zn =??

A. Zn + CaSo4 = ZnSo4 + Ca

Q.Which catalyst is used in Hydrogenation? 

A.A catalyst such as nickel, palladium or platinum.

Q. What is the SI unit of Energy?

 A. Joule

Q.How many elements were there in Mendeleev’s table? 

A- 118 Elements

Q.Which gas forms in the reaction of Hydrocarbon with water?

A- Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Q. What is the formula of Hard Water?

A. D₂O

Q.What is the pH value of blood? 

A- PH value of blood is 7.35

Q. The media does sound travel the fastest?

A- Solids

Q. How many moles of Sulphuric acid is present in 25 gms?

A- 0.255

Q. Group ______ contain non-reactive gases?

A- 18

Q. The force that a neutron exerts on a proton inside an atom is –

A- Nuclear Force

Q. Waves produced at the bottom of the sea due to an explosion are _______.

A- Longitudinal

Q. A body rolling down on a hill has :

A- Kinetic energy and potential energy

Q. ________ is the rate of doing work.

A- Power

Q. After the explosion of a shell, many pieces fly off in different directions. In such a case, what is conserved?

A- Momentum

Q. Coined the word ‘atom’?

A- Democritus

Q. The work done by the force is positive when :

A- The displacement is in the direction of a force

Q. Valency of nitrogen in ammonia :

A- 3

Q. Which hormone is released from the testes? 

A- Testosterone

rrb group d gs questions

Q. ______ in used connect parallel electric circuits.

A- Voltmeter

Q. _________ has only magnitude and no direction?

A- Work

Q. Nip is related to Crush in the same way as Cold is related to:

A- Chilled

Q. 746 Watts is known as 

A- 1 Horse Power

Q. Linear momentum is equal to 

A- Mass*Velocity

Q. Work can only be done when there is _____

A- Energy

Q. Amphibians and most reptiles have :

A- Three-chambered Heart

Q. ________ are called the amphibians of the plants’ kingdom.

A- Bryophyta

How do I Download RRB Group D GS Questions PDF?

You can download the RRB Group D GS Questions 2018 from the below-mentioned table.


RRB Group D General Science Questions PDF (Hindi)
RRB Group D General Science Questions PDF (English)
  • This PDF contains 200 General Science Questions asked in the RRB Group D Exam.
  • Railway Recruitment Board repeats the GS topics in many other exams like RRB NTPC, RRB JE e.t.c.

Aspirants must go through all questions to crack RRB Recruitment Exams.

RRB Group D Exam Trends & Changes

In the RRB Group D Exam 2018, many changes were introduced by the Railway Recruitment Board. Some important points worth mentioning are

  • The Mathematics section was surprisingly easy to solve.
  • Majority of the questions were asked from Recent Awards & Authors of famous books.
  • A few questions in the General Science section were challenging for the students.
  • Many questions in the General Science section were aked from Chemical formulas & human anatomy.

rrb group d gs questions

RRB NTPC Exam Highlights

The RRB NTPC Exam is about to commence, the following table shows the exam highlights for the RRB Non-Technical Popular Categories 2019 recruitment.

Conducting Body Railway Recruitment Board (RRB)
Official Website www.indianrailways.gov.in
Post name NTPC Non-Technical
Number of Vacancies 35208
Job Location PAN India.
Job Category Railway Jobs
Application Mode Online
RRB NTPC Exam Dates September 2019

*Know more about the RRB NTPC Exam Dates


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