Know All About Regional Language Proficiency Test

Know All About Regional Language Proficiency Test

Needs and types of Language proficiency test Language Proficiency Test – Know All About Regional Language Proficiency Test

Know All About Regional Language Proficiency Test

Language Proficiency Test is an important topic of almost every Assistant or Clerical Cadre selection process. One has to face a tough competition for these recruitment drives whether it is IBPS Clerk, RBI Assistant, NIACL or RRB Office Assistant. Language Proficiency Test is the final step which is as difficult as the other stages of any recruitment. In this article, You will know various details including needs and types of Language proficiency test Language Proficiency Test

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Know Language Proficiency Test:

  • Language Proficiency Test or LPT is an integral part of the recruitment procedure of almost every Clerical or Assistant Cadre recruitment process.
  • Language Proficiency Test is just a simple task for the organisation to ensure that you are well fluent in speaking, writing and reading the local language of the state you are going to work.
  • This is because you will have to deal with local people, will have to help & assist them.

Need for Language Proficiency Test:

Last phase of the Clerical grade posts are Regional Language Proficiency Test. The Regional language proficiency test assess your local language skills because at the end, after every process and getting appointed as a Assistant in Bank or in Insurance firms, you will have to converse with the local people in their own language or language pertaining to that particular state. This is same for both Banks and Insurance companies and banking related firms.

The Interview process for the lower grade posts were removed based on the verdict by the premier legal system in India. This brought the change and after 2014 every exam in the Assistant and the lower cadre exams don’t have the Interview process added in their exam pattern schedule. In place of that , they started to have Regional Language Proficiency Test to test the language proficiency of the candidates in the desired language in which they have to deal in with the clients.

What Type of Test is Regional Local Language Proficiency Test?

  • Language test is generally conducted as a written Examination.
  • Candidates will be given a certain passage about a certain topic. You will be asked to answer the questions the topic in the Regional Language Test. one should answer the questions after getting certain information from the given passage and answer accordingly in the regional language in which the question is asked.
  • You can also be asked for to translate a passage in the regional language of the state.
  • Some poems & tricky questions related to them can be asked as well.

The questions asked in LPT can be of the following pattern:

  • How much alphabets and vowels are there in a particular language.
  • Two identical questions will be given & you have to chose the correct spelling.
  • A passage can be given & you will have to answer the following types of questions:
    1. Fill in the blanks
    2. Antonyms & Synonyms
    3. Match the Pairs
    4. Convert 4 line passage in a particular regional language
    5. write numbers in a that language

(Usually candidates are required to mention the state and the regional language in which they are going to appear for the exam during the application process itself. This cannot be changed at any point during the recruitment process).

At the same time, another method is that you are required to converse with the higher authorities during the verification process fluently and they will provided marks for your fluency. They just need the fluency and not your grammatical and perfect answers because ultimately, as an assistant in a Bank/in Insurance Companies you have to converse with the local people who visit the branch. So, it is necessary that you be fluent in the local language rather than being a master of that language. The basic knowledge of a language is enough to clear the Regional Language Proficiency test.

However, some organisations also specify the years, a candidate have to actually study the local language at the time of their schooling. Hence, each recruitment notification differs in that aspect.


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