Reading Comprehension Preparation Tips for SSC and Bank Exams

Reading Comprehension preparation Tips for SSC and Bank Exams – Get here English RC Passage tips for SBI, IBPS, RBI Bank exams, SSC, UPSC, Railways, Govt. exams

Reading Comprehension Preparation Tips for SSC and Bank Exams

English language remains a very interesting part of the exams like SSC exams and bank exams. You will be reading a lot for the Reading comprehension section.

Syllabus in English Reading Comprehension

Vocabulary means homonyms, synonyms, antonyms, sentence completion, Sentence rearrangement, word formation, topic comprehension means the conclusion, theme detection, passage completion, Rearrangement of passage, spelling, sentence, Grammar topics include active voice, passive voice, direct indirect speech. Phrases and idioms, Grammar, articles, preposition, sentence improvement, Spotting Error, One Word Substitution, Sentence Completion, Fill in the Blanks, etc

As you can see the English Language section comprises a lot of things that matter to all aspirants of competitive exams. In order to clear several competitive exams, you need to focus on scoring a high sectional cutoff.

English Reading Comprehension Preparation Tips:

However, talking about Reading comprehension it requires lot of reading. We look at 10 tips to solve the reading comprehension section.

1. Read the Passage thoroughly: It is necessary to read the passage thoroughly and understand it. If you make an half hearted attempt of not reading it thoroughly, you will not be able to solve the questions

2. Understand the passage in the right context: Understand the contextual content of the passage and what the passage is trying to say.

3. Understand meanings of complicated words: The passage may contain difficult words. It is therefore necessary to be able to understand the meanings of the words so that you interpret the passage correctly.

4. Read between the lines: There will be things not mentioned in the passage. You need to understand the hidden meaning of the passage and understand it throughly.

5. Learn to Predict: Predict what might happen next and learn to anticipate what might happen next in the passage. However, this will improve your understanding of the passage but understand the passage from the point of view of what is given. Do not create your own version of the passage.

6. Grammar: Grammar is essential part of the passage. You need to understand various elements of grammar in order to be able to answer questions in the passage.

7. Understand Sequence and Order: Understand the sequence and order of the sentences in the passage. Understand that the passage has events that need to be understood in a proper sequence and order.

8. Understand Cause and Effect: Understand the cause and effect of the sentences in the passage. Each sentence and the next sentence are in a way related.

9. Recognize the central idea of the passage: While reading the passage, understand what is the central idea behind the passage.

10. Attempt all questions: Finally after understanding these points, answer the questions carefully.

Hope this helps in the Reading comprehension in the IBPS and SSC exams

Stay tuned for more updates on Reading Comprehension!


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