RBI Grade B vs SSC CGL Comparison: Job Profile, Career, Salary

RBI Grade B vs SSC CGL

RBI Grade B vs SSC CGL : A comparison of  Rbi Grade B v s SSC CGL  in terms of job profile, salary, promotions, career growth etc,

RBI Grade B vs SSC CGL Comparison

For any aspiring banker both RBI Grade B is a great job. However, SSC CGL is a non-banking government job. While there is no comparison between the two jobs, so we look at the roles and responsibilities, salary, promotion and future prospects of both the jobs and what they hold for the candidate.

RBI Grade B vs SSC GCL – Points to Note:

The article will brief on following points for both the jobs :

  1. Job profile
  2. Work pressure
  3. Working hours
  4. Salary & Perks
  5. Promotions
  6. Future growth
  7. Scope

While the RBI Grade B officer post is a job suited for applicants interested in banking, others may prefer SSC CGL. RBI grade B officer and SSC CGL are both very rewarding jobs and the future is bright for those who get selected for both the jobs. Neither RBI Grade B nor SSC CGL are superior than one another. While as RBI Grade B officer you will be working for RBI, as SSC CGL you will be under Staff Selection commission. While RBI Grade B officer is a government job, SSC CGL will be a non banking job that often involved doing the rounds going about inspection.

Lets Begin the RBI Grade B vs SSC CGL Debate:

Responsibilities of an RBI Grade B officer: The RBI Grade B officers have to improve the confidence of the public in the financial system of the country by keeping the inflation under check and also ensure that there is enough supply of liquidity of the productive sector. RBI Grade B officers are also responsible for circulation of currency and coins issued by RBI and ensure it reaches all nationalized banks under the arm of the RBI. They must also ensure smooth functioning of the various units of the RBI. They need to manage state and central government accounts by performing merchant banking functions.

Things to keep in mind about being a RBI Grade B officer:

Being a RBI Grade B officer will require a high level of efficiency and competency. A RBI Grade B officer will work mostly in cities. The work pressure will vary based on the role.

Salary and Perks: RBI Grade B officer earn a salary of 13 lakhs per annum with a basic pay of 21,000 Rs Per month. Initially, RBI Grade B officers earn a monthly salary of Rs. 47,855.00. They will also get a gradual increase in salary as they perform.

Promotions: Those looking forward to promotions take a departmental examination after 5 years to get promoted to Grade C officers post. The hierarchy and structure or RBI officers is given below according to ranks from Assistant Manager to Deputy Governor.

Hierarchy of RBI Officers

  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Chief General Manager
  • Principal Chief General Manager
  • Executive Director
  • Deputy Governor

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Roles and Responsibilities of SSC CGL:

There are close to 25-30 posts under SSC CGL. However, most jobs under SSC CGL will involve inspection, audit, jobs as Assistant, jobs in CBEC, as a statistical investigator, etc. These jobs will involve work pressure and candidate will have to do lot of research and investigation. This will involve getting into a lot of details. There will also involve a lot of documentation and supervision and is regarded as a highly respectable job among the public. There is no room for error. Girls are often looking for jobs in SSC CGL that do not involve travel. Also candidates who get into jobs that involve auditing and inspection will have to travel and traveling is reimbursed.

Things to Keep in mind for SSC CGL:

SSC CGL has both desk jobs as well as inspection level jobs that involve traveling. It can involve lot of interaction with lot of people. There can be lot of work pressure during inspection and documentation days. This can also involve answering RTI queries, as well as taking care of policies that at impact both at local, state and national level. Also you may have to wear a uniform if some positions calls for such a need.

Salary and Perks: The Salaries for SSC CGL start with an in-hand pay of 31,101 and go to 52,000. However, the grade pay will vary according to designation. Grade pay starts from around Rs. 2400 and goes to Rs. 5400 based on the position.

Promotions: Unlike RBI where Grade B is a lower Grade and Grade F is the highest, in the SSC CGL Grade A is the highest position. Also promotions will be based on performance. You promotions will be based on your inspection work, auditing and RTI queries. This has always been a highly respectable job in the eyes of the public.

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