RBI Grade B VS IBPS PO – A Comparison: Salary, Job Profile, Work Culture

RBI Grade B vs IBPS PO

RBI Grade B vs IBPS PO: A Comparison: Which is better – Job, Salary & Career!

RBI Grade B VS IBPS PO: A Comparison – Salary, Job Profile, Work Culture

RBI Grade B vs IBPS PO : Let’s not underestimate the fact that both RBI Grade B and IBPS are jobs that you cannot choose to ignore. While some may say that RBI Grade B is far better than IBPS, let’s not run down any particular post as both come with their own roles and responsibilities.

In a country like India and for those who love a banking job, both RBI  Grade B vs IBPS PO are a go to. However, let’s analyze both the RBI Grade B Officer and IBPS PO jobs from the right perspective. Before passing judgment on salary, let’s look at the roles and responsibilities that each job comes with.

While IBPS PO is a more routine role of handling day to day activities at a bank, RBI Grade B Officer on the contrary requires working closely in the RBI to ensure a smooth functioning of the bank.

Here we are going to Do comparison on RBI Grade B vs IBPS PO  Which is better – Job, Salary & Career!

RBI Grade B Officer

Roles and responsibilities of a RBI Grade B officer:

 The RBI Grade B officers have to enhance the confidence of the public in the financial system by keeping the inflation under check and also to ensure that the adequate supply of liquidity of the productive sector is taken care off. RBI Grade B officers are also responsible for circulation of the coins and currency issues by RBI and to ensure that it reaches the nationalized banks under the gambit of RBI. They are also responsible for smooth functioning of the various units of the RBI. Besides they also need to manage state and central government accounts by performing merchant banking functions.

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Things to understand about being a RBI Grade B officer:

Being a RBI Grade B officer will require a high level of efficiency and competency. So you need to work hard if you fancy being a Grade B officer. A RBI Grade B officer will work mostly in cities. The work pressure will vary in various departments.

Salary of RBI Grade B officers:

RBI Grade B officers earn a salary of 13 lakhs per annum. They have a basic pay of 21,000 Rs Per month. At present RBI Grade B officers initially earn a monthly salary of Rs. 47,855.00. This will get a steady raise after every promotion.


Those who like to shoulder responsibilities can take departmental examination after 5 years to get promoted to Grade C officers post. He can gradually progress from here as per the below hierarchy:

Hierarchy of RBI Officers

  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Chief General Manager
  • Principal Chief General Manager
  • Executive Director
  • Deputy Governor


Roles and responsibilities of IBPS PO

You will be multitasking in a nationalized bank. As a Probationary officer, you will have to work in various departments like Deposits, Loans, Clearing, pensions, payments, cheque clearances, Fixed deposits, ATM and Internet banking, Credit card, account closure, account statement, ATM issues, etc. You may also have to handle cash transactions. One must be flexible in doing any type of work in the bank. You need to handle the customers and provide them a solution for all their banking needs.

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Things to understand about IBPS PO:

Probationary officer is one of the most rewarding jobs in the banking industry. It is one of the most attractive job opportunities given the scope for career and

Salary of IBPS PO:

IBPS PO earn a annual income of Rs. 5, 57,000. They have a basic pay of Rs. 37, 068 after the recent hike in salaries as revised by Seventh Pay commission for new PO’s. This is eligible for a steady raise after promotion.

Promotions:  IBPS PO is a well-defined career path that is determined by performance and potential. Today, it much less time for a newly joined PO to scale up the ranks than it did before. One can become General Manager after 14-15 years of service. However, reaching top ranks is decided by the government and not by individual banks.

Career Progression of a Bank PO:

Junior Management Grade – Scale I: Officer i.e. PO

Middle Management Grade – Scale II: Manager

Middle Management Grade – Scale III: Senior Manager

Senior Management Grade – Scale IV: Chief Manager

Senior Management Grade Scale V: Assistant General Manager

Top Management Grade Scale VI: Deputy General Manager

Top Management Grade Scale VII: General Manager

Executive Director (ED)

Chairman and Managing Director (CMD)

Therefore it can be seen that both the RBI Grade B officers vs IBPS PO have very different roles and responsibilities and work load, salary and career progression. So choose your career wisely.


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13 thoughts on “RBI Grade B VS IBPS PO – A Comparison: Salary, Job Profile, Work Culture

  1. is it comparatively difficult, for a candidate having technical background, to opt for RBI Grade B officer exam rather than opting for IBPS PO exam ?

    1. If you are from technical background, be there or apply for technical posts in banks. Do not run over the employment opportunities of others.

      1. I very well know that already.
        If you’re really competitive then that shouldn’t be an issue for you

  2. Please don’t write these kind of articles if you don’t know much about it. Who told the author of this article that banker’s salary is determined by the Pay Commission. That means without much research and insider knowledge, simply written an article. Dear candidates, don’t get misguided.

    1. The Seventh Pay commission has revised the salaries for government employees recently. We implied saying that this is applicable only for PO in nationalised banks and not for posts Private sector banks.

      1. I am sorry to say that you are still making it wrong. Most public sector banks and private sector banks comes under IBA settlement (i.e. Bipartite Settlement) for matters relating to employee salary and benefits. Pay Commission is for government employees only. Please search google and verify yourself.

        1. You are right in saying that IBA settlement looks after the bank employee’s salary. But 7th Pay commission has given recommendation for increase in DA of the bank employee’s for the months of February, March and April 2017 as per new report.

  3. After grade B you Will be promoted to grade C not A .After office assistant u will be promoted to Grade A.
    Please don’t write this type of articles if u don’t know clearly about this.
    There is no comparison between this two job.
    RBI GRADE B pay scale and allowances are much more higher (min 70%more)than IBPS PO.
    Work pressure is also very much less than you have mentioned in the article.

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