Railway Senior Time Keeper STK Preparation Tips, Tricks, Strategy

Railway Senior Time Keeper STK Preparation Tips, Tricks, Strategy- Check Important Tips & Tricks Here

Railway Senior Time Keeper STK Preparation Tips, Tricks, Strategy

Railway Senior Time Keeper STK Preparation Tips, Tricks, StrategyRailway Recruitment Board conducts several Non-Technical Popular Categories (RRB NTPC) for the recruitment of candidates to various nontechnical posts available in the Railway department. In this article, we will be sharing all the important details and preparation tips for the post of Railway Senior Time Keeper (STK).

Senior Time Keeper in the Indian Railways is one of the most preferred and competitive jobs. The vacancies are limited since the posts are filled by promoting candidates rather than the fresh candidates. To fill up the limited vacancies, Railway Recruitment board (RRB) conducts the test under Non-Technical Popular Categories (NTPC).

First of all, let’s take a quick review of the RRB Senior Time Keeper (STK) Exam Pattern. As already mentioned, Senior Time Keeper (STK) falls under the RRB NTPC category. We have shared the exam pattern below:





No. of Questions Maximum Marks


1 General Knowledge 20 20
2 Arithmetic Ability 25 25
3 General Intelligence 25 25
4 General Science 30 30
Total 100 Questions 100 Marks

RRB NTPC STK Syllabus- Railway Senior Time Keeper STK Preparation Tips, Tricks, Strategy

General Awareness: This section includes the knowledge about current affairs(both national and international) and various events happening all across the world, important days and dates, who is who, sports which fall under national and international level, books and authors, science – inventions and discoveries, budget and plans for the upcoming 5 years, awards and honors, abbreviations, major financial/economic news., Indian economy, Indian history, Indian geography, Indian railways (facts & figures, background, history), Indian politics, Indian culture & heritage.the applicants should go through newspaper everyday day and should be aware of the happenings across the world in the last few years.

Arithmetic Ability: This section mainly consists of mathematical and quantitative skills which covers the mathematical topics consisting of number system, data interpretation (bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, tables etc.),decimal fractions, profit and loss, simple and compound interest, time and work, unitary method, percentage, ratio, proportions, time and distance, mensuration (2d and 3d), hcf, lcm, algebra, simplification, average, speed calculation, linear/ quadratic equations, simplification, averages, problems on age, margins and discounts, area & volume .the applicants are required to be thorough with the fundamentals of mathematics upto class 10th.

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General Science: This section will cover topics like biology, physics, chemistry and environmental studies.

Reasoning Ability: This section can be further divided into different topics

  • Verbal Reasoning: Number series, test of direction sense, number ranking, age calculation problems, alphabet series, blood relations, coding-decoding, arithmetical reasoning, decision making, analogy
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning: Non-verbal series, embedded figures, mirror images, grouping identical figures, cubes and dice

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Section Wise Preparation Tips- Railway Senior Time Keeper STK Preparation Tips, Tricks, Strategy

The best approach is to do a section wise planning, focus on your strengths and weakness and work on them accordingly.

General Intelligence and Reasoning:

  • Always keep in mind that the given question will be solved by the data given only, don’t make unnecessary assumptions or judgment while solving the problem. Use smart and appropriate tricks and method for solving any problem
  • Be very careful with words having negative prefixes like non- , un-. They can fool you for facts. So you must read the question very carefully and when you are sure about the question, then find its solution
  • The understanding of Directions should be accurate i.e. which direction is West, North, East and South
  • Always remember the sequencing of alphabets i.e. which alphabet comes after/before the particular alphabet and you should also remember their numerical position as per 1 to 26
  • You should have the ability to imagine the object in 3D like dice and paper folding etc. it will help in solving the such problems
  • Reasoning problems takes more time than other sections, hence time constraint must be kept in mind while attempting this section

Numerical Ability:

  • Attempt your strong sections first.
  • Make a list of formulae that are important and make sure that you memorize them all
  • Try saving your time by attempting easy ones quickly and then come back to tricky/ difficult questions

General Awareness & Current Affairs:

  • Keep yourself updated with the latest happenings and read a daily newspaper that will help you to be updated with the latest news
  • One should thoroughly go through the last year’s questions so that you can score well in the exam
  • Prepare GK well by going through magazines that focus General Knowledge


Important Tips to Prepare for Railway Senior Time Keeper (STK)

Here are some very important tips to be kept in mind while preparing for Railway Senior Time Keeper (STK) Exam.

1. Mock Tests

Mock tests are the best way to get through any difficult examination. Attempting Mock Tests can provide you with the following advantages:

  • Better problem-solving speed
  • Good understanding of all the topics and questions
  • Analyzing your weak and strong areas

2. Focus on Important Topics

List down all the important topics and make sure you study those topics and practice a lot of questions.

3. Work on your weak Areas

It is very easy to go along well with your strong areas, but it is the best option for a candidateto work on your weaker areas and give it your best shot to improve it at the earliest. Practice on your weak areas so that it is easy in the examination to solve them more easily

4. Practice is the Key to Success

Practice as much as you can because practicing questions on a regular basis will only boost up your preparation. The more you practice, the more you are developing the understanding of the questions asked and the logic behind them.

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