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Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning sections are important for almost all the competitive exams. If you have a good command of quantitative Aptitude then you can easily get a good score in your SSC, Banking and other exams. We have started the score booster session daily to strengthen the basics of Quant section. We are providing Video session daily @ 2:30 PM. In today’s session, we will discuss the Problem based on Train. Join the live session at 2:30 PM. Be on time and Your suggestions are welcome in the comment section. If you have missed the previous sessions, then just check the playlist below and start watching.

Quantitative Aptitude Score – Booster Session

Problem on Trains – Class by Sushma Mam

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  • Neha Goyal

    Hello all. How did you like the above quiz? your number of attempts?

    • Aditya

      Only 1 got wrong. Thanks.

      • Neha Goyal

        good. Keep practicing

  • bindu sharma

    Thanks for Quant Quiz Questions , Please also provide English Quiz Questions .

  • Himanshu Gautam

    rubbish how can the relation defining question comes in quant sec and even you have the answer for that mentioning 18 great

    • So himanshu rather than solving questions or even posting the solution, your doubt is that how come a reasoning question come in Quants. Let me tell you you have a great future ahead. All the best.

      • Himanshu Gautam

        you guys have deleted my comment but didn’t correct your statement again samefull