Daily Quant & Reasoning Booster Quiz – Crack SSC & Banking Exams!

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Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning sections are important for almost all the competitive exams. If you have a good command of quantitative Aptitude then you can easily get a good score in your SSC, Banking and other exams. We have started the score booster session daily to strengthen the basics of Quant section. We are providing Video session daily @ 2:30 PM. In today’s session, we will discuss the Problem based on Train. Join the live session at 2:30 PM. Be on time and Your suggestions are welcome in the comment section. If you have missed the previous sessions, then just check the playlist below and start watching.

Quantitative Aptitude Score – Booster Session

Problem on Trains – Class by Sushma Mam

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9 thoughts on “Daily Quant & Reasoning Booster Quiz – Crack SSC & Banking Exams!

  1. rubbish how can the relation defining question comes in quant sec and even you have the answer for that mentioning 18 great

    1. So himanshu rather than solving questions or even posting the solution, your doubt is that how come a reasoning question come in Quants. Let me tell you you have a great future ahead. All the best.

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