Previous Year Profit And Loss Questions for SSC CGL Tier 2 PDF

Previous years Quant questions for SSC CGL Tier 2

Previous Year Profit And Loss Questions for SSC CGL Tier 2 : Download PDF with Solutions

Previous Year Profit And Loss Questions for SSC CGL Tier 2

‘Profit and Loss’ questions carry relevance in SSC CGL Tier 2. Profit and Loss appears in the Quantitative Aptitude section. A Profit and Loss statement summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specific period of time.

Every year, there are about 2-5 questions on ‘Profit and Loss’ in the Quantitative Aptitude section in SSC CGL Tier 2. The blog below gives you a list of “Profit and Loss” questions asked in previous years question papers. The blog contains 15 questions of SSC CGL Tier-2.

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Q1. A cash payment that will settle a bill for 250 chairs at Rs. 50 per chair less 20% and 15% with a further discount of 5% on cash payment is?

(a) Rs. 8075
(b) Rs. 7025
(c) Rs. 8500
(d) None of these

Q2. An oil refinery takes 1000 L of crude oil as input and after refining for 1 hour gives a certain amount of output oil X L. This can be sold in the market at a profit of Rs. 30 per L. If this oil is further refined for 1/2h, it gives oil Y L. This can be sold at a profit of Rs. 50 per L. Output and input ratio at both the stages is 90%. The maximum amount that can be earned from 1000 L of crude input is?

(a) Rs. 40000
(b) Rs. 30000
(c) Rs. 27000
(d) Rs. 40500

Q3. A manufacturer sells a pair of glasses to a wholesale dealer at a profit of 18%. The wholesaler sells the same to a retailer at a profit of 20%. The retailer, in turn, sells them to a customer for Rs. 30.09, thereby earning a profit of 25%. The cost price for the manufacturer is?

(a) Rs. 15
(b) Rs. 16
(c) Rs. 17
(d) Rs. 18

Q4. A dealer offers a cash discount of 20% and still makes a profit of 20% ,when he further allows 16 articles to a dozen to a particularly sticky bargainer. How much percent above the cost price was his wares listed?

(a) 100%
(b) 80%
(c) 75%
(d) 66 2/3%

Q5. Instead of a meter scale cloth merchant uses a 120 cm scale while buying but uses an 80 cm scale while selling the same cloth. If he offers a discount of 20 percent of cash payment, what is his overall percent profit?

(a) 20%
(b) 25%
(c) 40%
(d) 15%

Q6. A book is sold at profit of Rs. 20, which is 10% of its cost price. If its C.P. is increased by 50% and it is still sold at a profit of 10%,  then find the new profit?

(a) Rs. 30
(b) Rs. 50
(c) Rs. 60
(d) Rs. 300

Q7. A fruit seller sells mangoes at the rate of Rs. 9 per kg and thereby loses 20%. At what price per kg, he should have sold them to make a profit of 5%?

(a) Rs. 11.81
(b) Rs. 12
(c) Rs. 12.25
(d) Rs. 12.31

Q8. A man would gain 20% by selling a chair for Rs. 47.5 and would gain 15% by selling a table for Rs. 57.5. He sells the chair for Rs. 36, what is the least price for which he must sell the table to avoid any loss on the two together?

(a) Rs. 50.2
(b) Rs. 55.8
(c) Rs. 60
(d) Rs. 53.6

Q9. By selling 5 dozen mangoes for Rs. 156 it was found that 3/10th of the outlay was gained. What should the retail price per mongo be in order to gain 60%? 

(a) Rs. 4
(b) Rs. 2
(c) Rs. 3.2
(d) Rs. 4.2

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Q10. An article is sold at 20% profit. If its CP and SP are less by Rs. 10 and Rs. 5 respectively the percentage of profit increases by 10%. Find the cost price?

(a) Rs. 40
(b) Rs. 80
(c) Rs. 60
(d) Rs. 50

Q11. A man purchases two clocks A and B at a total cost of Rs. 650. He sells A with 20% profit and B at a loss of 25% and gets the same selling price for both the clocks. What are the purchasing prices of A and B respectively?

(a) Rs. 225; Rs. 425
(b) Rs. 250; Rs. 400
(c) Rs. 275; Rs. 375
(d) Rs. 300; Rs. 350

Q12. A person purchases 100 pens at a discount of 10%. The net amount of money spent by the person to purchase the pens is Rs. 600. The selling expenses incurred by the person are 15% on the net cost price. What should be the selling price for 100 pens in order to earn a profit of 25%?

(a) Rs. 802.50
(b) Rs. 811.25
(c) Rs. 862.50
(d) Rs. 875

Q13. A milkman buys milk contained in 10 vessels of equal size. If he sells his milk at Rs. 5 a liter, he loses Rs. 200; if he sells it at Rs. 6 a liter, he would gain Rs. 150 on the whole. Find the number of liters contained in each vessel?

(a) 20 litres
(b) 30 litres
(c) 25 litres
(d) 35 litres

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Q14. A shopkeeper purchased a table marked at Rs. 200 at a successive discount of 10% and 15% respectively. He spent Rs. 7 on transportation and sold the table for Rs. 200. Find his gain %?

(a) No loss or gain
(b) 25%
(c) 30%
(d) 40%

Q15. A man buys 2 dozen bananas at Rs. 16 per dozen. After selling 18 bananas at the rate of Rs. 12 per dozen, the shopkeeper reduced the rate of Rs. 4 per dozen. The percent loss is?

(a) 25.2%
(b) 32.4%
(c) 36.5%
(d) 37.5%

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