Preposition Rules for Competitive Exams PDF

Preposition Rules for Competitive Exams PDF

Preposition Rules for Competitive Exams PDF – Download the complete PDF now.

Preposition Rules for Competitive Exams PDF

English Language comprises a major part of almost every competitive exam. That’s one big reason you should hone your Englilanguagegae skills. For some students, communicating in English is a piece of cake. Great for you, guys! At the same time, for others, it is the toughest subject they have ever come across. Speaking/writing in English gives you nightmares? Specially for aspirants like you, we have prepared Preposition Rules for Competitive Exams PDF. Why? Because prepositions are the key to forming a proper sentence. How you use prepositions, especially in a descriptive test, can make or break your career.

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Prepositions – What are these?

Prepositions are used in a sentence to describe the relationship between two other words in a sentence. It always goes with a related noun or pronoun. In the following section, you can find some important Preposition Rules for cracking competitive exams. But it’s not just limited to competitive exams, these will also help you become a better speaker and give you confidence.

Preposition Rules – Do’s and Don’ts

  • It is a myth that you can’t use a preposition at the end of a sentence. E.g. – Whom are you with?
  • A pitiful situation that is on trend nowadays – people make their own grammar rules. You can hear so many people using ‘of’ after the word ‘should’/’could’/’would’. (E.g. I should of done it.) This is wrong. Use have after these words. (E.g. I should have done it immediately.)
  • When you want to express motion toward something, always use into, not to. E.g. They walked into the old building.
  • We use for to indicate a period of time, and since to indicate some specific point of time. E.g. Go there for a month. We haven’t met since last February.
  • You can use till/until to indicate when something is ending. E.g. We will be here until next week.
  • Use beside when you want to indicate by the side of. And use besides to mean in addition to or an exception to. E.g. I sat beside the little girl. Besides, I always prefer nature to concrete.

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