How To Prepare SSC CGL and CHSL Together | Preparation Strategy

how to prepare for ssc cgl and chsl together

How To Prepare SSC CGL and CHSL Together | It is not difficult to prepare both SSC CGL and CHSL together. There is just a small difference of a few topics between both the exams. The difficulty level of both exams is not high. Let’s ponder over the following article and prepare for both the SSC CGL & SSC CHSL Exam together

How To Prepare SSC CGL and CHSL Together: Highlights

We can make SSC CGL and CHSL preparation extremely effortless. It all takes just the right strategy and time management plan. Hence, the following table expands on highlights on how to prepare SSC CGL and CHSL together:

Full Form Staff Selection Commission (SSC)
Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
Staff Selection Commission (SSC)
Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL)
Tiers 4 3
Sections (Subjects) English, Maths, G.K, Reasoning English, Maths, G.K, Reasoning
Exam Mode Tier 1, 2 & 4- Online
Tier 3- Offline
Tier 1- Online
Tier 2- Offline
Tier3- Wherever applicable
Official Website

SSC CGL Recruitment Notification

Important Instructions before preparing for SSC CGL and CHSL

The following are some necessary guidelines all students must follow. We personally designed the instructions to bring up the best results in the exams. Let’s read the following suggestions:

  • First of all, it is firm advice to all candidates to reduce their phone usage in preparation days
  • All distraction areas have to be cut off
  • For proper concentration, it is a fair idea to start waking up early to study
  • Moreover, the concentration for study in the morning time is way better than other times of the day
  • The candidates must make a study plan for themselves
  • Give SSC CHSL FREE Mock Tests!
  • Also, the study plan must be followed religiously
  • Even more, the candidates have to manage their time effectively
  • Candidates should not leave any topic from any section
  • Try not to miss any day of the planned schedule
  • Do not give up!

Exam Strategy: How To Prepare SSC CGL and CHSL Together

A student can easily prepare for both the examinations together. For the reason that the difficulty level of both the exams is average, we can smoothly prepare for the exams. Let’s follow the article below subject by subject:

By going subject wise, we can finish the preparation of Tier 1 of SSC CHSL and Tier 1 & 2 of SSC CGL. Most of the syllabus of both is similar. Let’s take a look.

how to prepare for ssc cgl and chsl together

How To Prepare for SSC CGL and CHSL Together: English Preparation

The English section of both exams is very easy. The preparation can be done without any issues. All candidates must follow the guidelines given below to prepare for the English section of SSC CGL and CHSL.

  • It is compulsory for all students to do 1 comprehension passage every day
  • Reading comprehension demands to be done within half an hour because we have to focus on time management as well
  • Take one part of Tenses and complete it in one day. Simultaneously, the practice of Subject-Verb-Agreement will be accomplished. The example is as follows

For Example: Take Present Simple Tense. Memorise the rules and check how it is applied in the sentences. Like, the rule is Subject+do/does+Object. See some examples where it is applied. Then, do a half an hour practice. Done

  • This way, do one Tense practice each day. And, after each tense practice, do a 15-minute practice on S-V-A
  • Candidates must do a 5-minute practice on Singular and Plural. Along with that, 10-15 minute practice of A, an and the. This much time would be enough because the topics are extremely easy
  • Also, the best way is to give Free SSC CGL Mock Tests. Mock Tests are like free teachers!
  • Candidates can give a total of half an hour to Spellings, Para-Jumbles & Parts of speech, per day
  • Besides that, candidates can complete guide to SSC CGL English Preparation here!
  • The candidates can, without any difficulty, prepare for Vocabulary and Synonyms-Antonyms together. There is a simple way to do that. Look at the following example:

Suppose we have to learn a word: Complicate

First of all, write 4 synonyms and 4 antonyms of this word. Like,

Synonyms Antonyms
confuse easy
complex simple
muddle straightforward
difficult effortless

Now, make at least 2 sentences using each of the words. Hence, this way candidates can really improvise their vocabulary skills.

  • The candidates must spend a total of 35 minutes per day on Phrases & Idioms and One-Word Substitution
  • The candidate should do at least 2 Cloze Tests per day

how to prepare for ssc cgl and chsl together

Quantitative Aptitude: How To Prepare for SSC CGL and CHSL Together

Most students find difficulty in the Quant section. But there is nothing to worry about. We have personally divided the sections in an easy way. Students must follow to prepare SSC CGL and CHSL together:

  • First of all, candidates must do the sections they find difficult
  • Candidates should allocate a total of 2 hours (per day) to Trigonometry, Algebra and Geometry. They should just understand the basics and practice 2 hours every day
  • Candidates then must give (not more than) half an hour (combined) to Bar Graph, Pie Chart, Line Graph and Permutation & Combination
  • Moreover, half an hour should be given (every day) to Surd & Indices
  • Also, perform daily free SSC CGL Quizzes! It will help the candidate to evaluate the performance
  • Even more, candidates must give 15 minutes to Boats & Streams
  • Around 20 minutes must be spent on Square Root and Pipes & Streams
  • Afterwards, the topics like Number System, Percentage, Ratio, Simple and Compound Interest, Discount can be done on alternate days because they are some extremely easy topics. Candidates, on alternate days, can give 30-40 minutes (combined) to these topics
  • Get, detailed SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Guide here!
  • Learn more short cuts & tricks of Quant
  • Even more, solve 1 SSC CGL previous year question paper every day!
  • Most importantly, learn to use the short cuts properly

how to prepare for ssc cgl and chsl together

How To Prepare for SSC CGL and CHSL Together: Statistics

The statistics section is in Tier 2 of SSC CGL only. It is not a very difficult section so we have an entire study plan for SSC CGL altogether. So, separately the students can get preparation strategy as well as SSC CGL Study Plan (Schedule time-wise) for 10 days here

how to prepare ssc cgl and chsl together

GK: How To Prepare for SSC CGL and CHSL Together

The GK section is a fun part. Students must follow the way of the study mentioned below:

  • For the GK section of both exams, candidates must read the newspaper every day without fail
  • Secondly, to prepare GK for SSC CGL and CHSL Exam, one must be updated with the latest magazines of Business, Finance and Accounting
  • Also, keep updated with the current affairs as well as Portfolios
  • Read How to Get 40+ marks in SSC CGL GK here!
  • Most importantly, the understanding of the basics of Science is necessary
  • For 15 minutes, study the theory of demand and supply (every day)
  • The questions are going to be of a moderate level
  • Also, candidates must give SSC CGL Mock Tests every day!
  • Give at least 30 minutes on reading about books & authors and important schemes
  • Besides that, if the candidate is doing this much only, they can score 40+ very easily

how to prepare for SSC CGL and CHSL together

How To Prepare for SSC CGL and CHSL Together for General Intelligence & Reasoning

The preparation for SSC CGL & CHSL Reasoning is fun and easy. If the candidate will put their interest and then prepare, it will really become easier. Let’s take a look down below to understand how to prepare for the reasoning section:

  • First of all, it is important to tell the candidates that reasoning is all about logical thinking and understanding the basic structure of different things
  • The reasoning of a person can be easily improved by playing mind games, solving puzzles and undivided focus
  • So, the reasoning section demands the presence of mind
  • To manage time effectively in this section, practice is necessary
  • Besides that, know the complete guide to How To Get 40+ Marks in SSC CGL Reasoning
  • Candidates must give at least 3 hours to Reasoning section per day
  • If the candidate will be focussed during the practice time, it will not take them more than 5 minutes to finish answering the questions in reasoning section
  • Eventually, the candidates will realize that this section was the easiest of all

how to prepare for SSC CGL and CHSL together

Tier 3 of CGL and Tier 2 of CHSL: Preparation strategy

The syllabus for both Tier 3 of CGL and Tier 2 of CHSL is similar. It is the descriptive test in which students have to write Letter/Application, Essay and Precis Writing (CGL). Let’s discuss some important ways to get the highest score in the Descriptive Test:

  • First of all, the students can choose either Hindi or English language for the exam
  • Secondly, the topics covered in the essay are very easy. Look at the following topics as instances:
  1. Corruption
  2. Demonetization
  3. Sexual Harassment
  4. Dowry System
  5. Westernization
  6. Domestic Violence
  7. Rape
  8. Crimes in India
  9. Global Warming
  10. Globalization
  11. Poverty
  12. Terrorism
  13. The GST Bill
  14. Violence (all areas)
  15. Human Rights
  16. Women Empowerment
  17. Intolerance
  18. Raging
  19. Gender Discrimination, etc
  • Also, students must write 1 practice essay/letter/application/precis (separately) as practice every day
  • Even more, if by chance, someday the time is not enough to write, then on that day, candidates must read 2 of each section
  • SSC CGL Tier 3 Complete Preparation Guide!
  • Candidates must understand the topic and concept before writing the topic
  • Besides that. to get more marks, candidates should focus on grammar and vocabulary in the test
  • Most importantly, good grammar and good choice of vocabulary increases the quality of test and enhances the chances of a higher score

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