How to Prepare Geography in General Awareness Section for IB ACIO?

How to Prepare Geography in General Awareness Section for IB ACIO 2017 ? – Syllabus, Tips, Tricks and Strategies

How to Prepare Geography in General Awareness Section for IB ACIO?

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The Syllabus in Paper I consists of 5 subjects, one amongst them being general awareness. General Awareness is an important part of the syllabus and it consists of geography. Every year there are a number of questions in geography – the questions could be from both Physical geography as well as human geography. The article discusses the important aspects of studying geography for IB ACIO and what sections must students pay attention to in Geography in the general Awareness section.

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Number of Vacancies for IB ACIO:

Number of












Ex Servicemen







Examination Paper Pattern for IB ACIO?

Exam Pattern:

Tier Examination Total Marks Duration
Tier I Objective Type 100 60 min
General Awareness
Quantitative Aptitude
Logical/Analytical Ability
English Language


Tier II Descriptive Type Marks Duration
Essay on given Topic 30 60 mins
English Comprehension and Precis Writing 20
Interview 100

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How to Prepare Geography in General Awareness Section for IB ACIO?

Preparing for geography matters a lot if you are preparing for IB ACIO. We are talking about a detailed strategy to study geography as part of the Civil Services Exam.

Geography consists of the following Section:

Geography is divided into two parts – Human geography and Physical Geography. Physical Geography consists of topics like, Bio-geography, climatology, meteorology, volcanoes, coastal geography, soil, etc

Lets look at topics to study under Physical geography?

  1. Geomorphic Process:
  2. Topics to Study for Physical Geography?
  3. Geomorphic Processes.
  4. Evolution of Land forms.
  5. Volcanoes and Earthquakes
  6. Endogenic Forces and Exogenic Forces
  7. Soil Erosion and Deposition
  8. Landforms – Mountains, Plateaus, and Plains: Learn faster
  9. Earth Crust, Mantle and Core
  10. Ocean Floor and Ocean Currents
  11. Movements of ocean water: Waves, Tides and Ocean Currents
  12. Countries of the World according to Continent.
  13. Continents of the world
  14. Soils of India: Classification and Characteristics.
  15. Soil Degradation and Conservation
  16. Urban Heat Islands.
  17. Composition and Structure of the atmosphere of the Earth –
  18. Insolation and Heat Balance of the Earth
  19. What are the Different Types of Clouds?

Topics to cover while Studying Human Geography?

Human geography consists of places including countries, capitals, currencies and the like. Examples – Indian Geography and World Geography. It also includes a focus on Cultural Geography, Development geography, Economic geography, demography, religion geography, social geography, urban geography, culture geography. Geography is really vast and may also include politics and other factors that are part of geography.

Lets look at various topics to cover under Human Geography?

  1. Sectors of Economy : Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary and Quinary
  2. Location factor for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sector Industries in the India and around the world
  3. Location factor determining the Distribution of Major Industries
  4. Biosphere Reserves of India
  5. Geographical Indication or GI tags in India
  6. Wetlands in India
  7. Monuments of India
  8. UNESCO World Heritage sites in India

Books to prepare for IB ACIO Geogrpahy:

  1. Oxford School Atlas – Oxford OR Orient Blackswan Atlas.
  2. Geography of India – Majid Husain.
  3. India: A Comprehensive Geography – D.R. Khullar.
  4. Physical Geography – Savindra Singh.
  5. Certificate Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong.
  6. Human Geography – Majid Hussain

Tips, Tricks and Strategies on How to Prepare Geography in General Awareness Section for IB ACIO?:

Study Tips for IB ACIO Geography in General Awareness section:

  1. Chart a Study plan: Plan your daily routine and plan your study routine accordingly. Don’t waste time on frivolous things. Do Yoga and Exercise for better health and to keep your mind focused.
  1. Follow Test Pattern: Know the examination pattern and marking scheme.
  1. Study the entire syllabus: Cover all essential parts of the syllabus and important parts of the syllabus
  1. Prepare study notes: Prepare notes and and jot down important points from what you study
  2. Refer good books in Geography: There are some really good books in geography that you can prepare for IB ACIO.

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  1. Discuss with Friends and Teachers: Discuss the syllabus and notes with friends and teachers. It might also help you make more friends.
  1. Eat Well, sleep well and exercise: Follow the mantra of eat well, Sleep well and exercise as this will help you to focus on your exams
  1. Do Yoga and meditation: Yoga and meditation are timeless ancient Indian sciences that can help in dealing with stress during exams.

Stay tuned for more updates on How to Prepare Geography in General Awareness Section for IB ACIO!


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