The Power Of Modern Teaching Methods

The Power Of Modern Teaching Methods

Power of Modern Teaching methods – importance of creativity and innovation in teaching methods.

The Power Of Modern Teaching Methods

Power of Modern Teaching methods: The Present era is full of opportunities to learn new things. There is a great change in the way we learn today as opposed to how we learned yesterday. Even in the 90’s kids learned from books and textbooks. Computers and mobiles came much later after the new millennium in 2000. Previously, the education system was all rote learning, while today the education system endorses a creative mindset.

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Even in the 90’s and before that, teaching was limited to blackboards, chalks, notebooks diaries. As opposed to today’s mobile applications, Youtube Videos and Facebook Live Sessions that have replaced the way we learn. It is also very different scenario today in teaching, where teachers are all supposed to be equipped with the knowledge to use the latest gizmos and software.

In the classroom, one software that is widely used is the powerpoint software that is used by teachers while giving lectures. There are a lot of online tools today that are used by students and teachers alike.

While it is not certain that students will learn or grasp more quickly. Various online tools and software like Microsoft Powerpoint can make for very effective tools in teaching. However, the content being taught is entirely based on the teacher.

The Shift towards online learning began in the first decade of the new millennium. However, by now most of learning in higher education has become digital or gone online. It gives great convenience to learners.However, despite several enhancements in technology education still remains something conventional and follows archaic methods of teaching. The amount of creative liberties and freedom is still very less in Schools and colleges today.

In education system in the developed world, there is a vast difference in the way teaching is imparted from how it is imparted in Indian schools and colleges. Creativity has been made the black sheep in Indian education system, whereas creativity is celebrated in the western education system.

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The education department officials need to conduct seminars for teachers to follow best practices in teaching. There is very little emphasis laid on the teaching methods. There must be an emphasis on giving training programs to teachers, conferences, seminars to stay updated on skills for all teachers.

Education boards and authorities must appreciate new and modern ways of teaching and also understand the importance of archaic methods of teaching in the modern context. A lot of education companies like TopRankers, Khan Academy, Byju, and others have steered clear in providing students with innovative teaching methods.

There is a great emphasis to teach students in the fast-paced method along with the acceptance of technology and other infrastructure.

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