Popularity of IBPS and SBI PO


Popularity of IBPS and SBI PO – What are the basic criteria a candidate will look out for in his job? Well, a few of them are ‘Job security’, ‘Encouraging work environment’, ‘Flexible work timings’, ‘Decent salary with additional benefits’ etc. Well, a career option which can give you the most of these is ‘a Banking Job’. Bank jobs have become the most sought-after and lucrative jobs in India. Every one student out of four students aspires for a Bank Job. Stability – both professional and financial is what makes youngsters crave for a career in this sector.

Popularity of IBPS and SBI PO

There are posts of two types in banking sector (in PSU Banks): Officer level and Clerical level. The post of officer is further into two categories: Probationary Officer (PO) post and Specialist Officer (SO) post. But, more number of applications are received for PO posts as compared to any other.

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The organizations like IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel) and SBI (State Bank of India) conduct examinations voluntarily for the post of “Probationary Officers”. These examinations receive amazing responses throughout the country because of the privileges and luxury associated with them. An SO is involved in roles related to marketing, HR, IT etc. whereas a PO is involved in branch functions, such as credit and debit, sanctioning of loans and forex etc.


There are many advantages associated with bank jobs. You get decent salaries along with benefits (associated perks) which makes it most desired among all other jobs. Some of the additional benefits which you get along with the salary are residential accommodation, medical insurance, travel allowance etc. Moreover, you also get chance to go abroad which gives you immense exposure to diverse opportunities. The pay scale of SBI for the post of PO is way better than other PSU banks which also covers 100 percent cover for the employee’s medical insurance and 75 percent cover for family’s medical insurance. The recruitment process is relatively an easy process with three rounds: Prelims. Mains and Interview round. A round of group discussion may or may not be held.

As per sources, there are about 1800 to 2000 vacancies of SBI for PO posts whereas IBPS has about 15000 to 20000 vacancies for the above. When you hold a PO position in SBI, you get a better pay as compared to others. Enhancement in remuneration in other banks is a bit slow as compared to SBI.

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