Points to Remember before you enter CTET 2016 Exam hall – Important points at a Glance

Important points to remember for the CTET 2016 Paper

CTET Examination 2016 is just a few days ahead. It is important to follow all the instructions properly in CTET Exams. Be well prepared for your CTET exam 2016. Preparing a good strategy to revise your portions for the test will be good idea.

Are you searching for the instructions for your CTET Exam 2016 this month? Then you should go through the following instruction clearly to understand what to do.

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Here are a few points to remember before you enter the CTET 2016 Exam Hall:

1. You should report at the examination hall one and half hours prior to the test.

2. If you do not reach on time, you will not able to hear the instructions given by the examiner.

3. Make sure that you reach the hall as early as possible.If the CTET Exam has started, then the examiner will not allow you to enter the hall.

4. Once the exam hall is open, all the candidates should immediately take the seats allotted. All the roll numbers will be marked on the seats.

5. Recheck if you have your CTET Admit Card with you. Without your admit card you will not be able to enter the examination hall.

6. Do not carry any stationery and food items with you. All these items are strictly prohibited inside the CTET Exam hall.

7. Mobile phones and any other electronic items will not be allowed inside the hall.

8. Remember that the CTET Examination will commence at the same time mentioned in your admit card.

9. You should not practice any unfair means while appearing for the CTET Examination in the hall.

10. All the candidates should use the ball point pen given by CTET.

Follow all the instructions given by your examiner. Any malpractices found by the invigilator can cause you some serious issues. Practice as many Online CTET Preparation Tests and online question papers of previous years. This will definitely help you gain some good percentage for your CTET Exam. Good luck to all the aspirants of CTET Examination 2016.



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