PGDBF Courses Details – Another Big Opportunity for Bank Jobs in 2018

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Another Big Opportunity for Bank Jobs in 2018 – PGDBF Courses Details

PGDBF Courses Details – Another Big Opportunity for Bank Jobs in 2018

PGDBF Courses Details for all the PGDBF aspirants can be found in this article. I think this is the best opportunity to Join banking sector as an officer, first you learn lot of good banking stuff in one year and then start working so your performance will be good, Also more and more bank will recruit through this medium in coming days so it’s better you take it seriously now and join. As the competition will increase for this exam also.

Most of the time it happens when a candidate join banking sector, as he has zero practical understanding banking sector and how banking sector works so starting from training itself he feel lots of pressure but if anybody joins through this course he will already have better understanding of banking sector.

There are also some exams and certification you need to clear after joining bank like JAIIB & CAIIB, so this Course will also help you in this thing.

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PGDBF is Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance. It is a 1 year degree program where you have 9 months of campus class room program and 3 months of internship/On Job training.

It is very much similar to MBA degree or Post Graduate Diploma degree courses offered by top management  colleges in our Country. The best thing about this course is that you are getting the knowledge, various certifications and finally a secure job in your hand.
In this article,various PGDBF Course details are explained for you;

 What is PGDBF Program?

 PGDBF program offered by few of the top public sector banks such as Bank of Baroda, Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank and many others have developed the program in following way;
  •  There will be a complete 9 months on campus class room course consisting of 3 semesters of 3 months each.
  • In each semester, there will be 5-6 subjects of banking and finance and plus some management subjects.
  • There will be final exam at the end of each semester where you have to pass with some minimum criteria or percentage.
  • In each semester, there will be practical on the software on which banks operations works. You will get the knowledge and idea before you actually start your job in the bank.
  • There will be certified exams which are conducted by the institute in tie up with the IIBF, Mutual Funds and Insurance Authorities such as DB&F (JAIIB), NISM , NSDL (Mutual Funds exams) and some other insurance exams where you will get the certificates when you pass these exams.
  • There will be 3 months on job training or internship where you have to work in a branch.
  • After completion of the 9 months class room program and 3 months on job training, you will get the PGDBF degree in your end and all these will add to your resume to get the internal promotions and in other activities.

Fees structure of the course:

It is really reasonable, when we compare this fees of this around 4 lakhs to private management colleges where you give a lot and plus the entrance test to get the admission in them. you also have the option of paying the same through installments, which will start once you complete the course and start your job. It will be cut from your salary in the form of EMI at very lower rates.

Benefits of the PGDBF program:

There are a lot of benefits waiting for you through the enrollment into the course of PGDBF program. The course makes you aware of all the required aspects needed to be known by a banker. The completion of the course will give a a great edge over the others in finding your Dream Job.

  • You get to have a sound knowledge of all the basics of all the departments of banking sector such as Operations, principles of banking, Retail loans, forex, trade finance, and Advances.
  • With 3 months of internship/on job training, where you will have the hands on experience in the branch of the particular bank, which will eventually enhance the Practical knowledge.
  • You will be able to complete the certified courses such as DB&F (JAIIB), mutual funds and other insurance certified courses which will add to your resume while taking promotions in the bank and to grow in the banking sector.
  • You will also have one post graduate diploma degree in your hand and this will too add to your resume with all the knowledge gained with the degee.
  • Due to increase in competition between the public sector banks and pressure from the Government, banks have started recruiting through this degree programme because they want the aspirants with all the basic knowledge to join them and to work with them.
  • You are going to secure your future with this degree and finally you will be getting the public sector job.

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Stay tuned for more updates related to PGDBF. If you have any query or doubt, Do write us in the comments below.


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