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The most famous entrance exam for law aspirants which is CLAT i.e. Common Law Admission Test is just round the corner. On clearing the CLAT exam with sufficient marks allows you to take admission in one of the best national law universities of India.

Now, before starting with the practicing of the exams through sample papers or mock test series, the aspirants should be aware of the 2 most supreme things:

  1. During the online CLAT exam for every correct answer you score 1 mark whereas for every incorrect answer 25 marks gets deducted
  2. The second vital thing is the syllabus and the classification of the sections for CLAT. Let’s have a quick look:
Section No. of questions Marks Topics
Current Affairs or, GK (General Knowledge) 50 50 1. Politics

2. Awards

3. Historical dates

4. Great Personalities

5. International affairs

6. Economic events

7. National plans and policies

8. Business affairs

9. National Issues

English Comprehension 40 40 1. Comprehension Passages

2. Antonyms, Synonyms

3. Work on sentences

4. Verbs, adjectives,

5. English grammar

6. Active and passive voice

7. Jumbled words and sentences.

Legal Aptitude 50 50 1. Indian Constitution, 2. Law policy and amendments

3. Criminal law

4. Indian acts

5. Legal terms and definitions

Numerical Ability 20 20 1. Series

2. Differentiation & integration

3. Surds

4. Trigonometry

5. Geometry

6. Heights and distances

7. clocks

8. Train problems

9. Time and Work

Logical Reasoning 40 40 1. Syllogism

2. Word formation

3. Statement and Assumptions

4. Blood relations

5. Direction test

6. Odd one Out

7. Conclusions

8. Coding-Decoding

9. Sitting Arrangement


Now, after going through the entire syllabus, below are the links of the best online CLAT exam mock test series


The sample papers help you in building up your confidence and you get to see the exam pattern and that what sort of questions are asked in an exam. So, make sure that you practice these online sample papers before sitting for the CLAT exam.



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