One Word Substitutions Tricks for SSC CGL

One Word Substitutions Tricks for SSC CGL

One Word Substitutions Tricks for SSC CGL : Get here best tips and tricks to solve One word substitution questions.

One Word Substitutions Tricks for SSC CGL 2017

By this time candidates must be familiar with the pattern and syllabus of SSC CGL examination. In SSC CGL Tier I exam, English language carries 50 marks for 25 questions out of which there would be around 9 – 10 questions based on Vocabulary. One word substitution is a part of vocabulary. There is not easy way out to improve one’s vocabulary. Practice can only teach you synonyms of various words. This article aims to provide the links on “One Word Substitutions” as per the expert research on previous years’ papers and a few tips and tricks as well.


A good knowledge of one-word substitutes is required for typically enhancing your vocabulary. Therefore a proper vocabulary skill helps you to answer the questions on “One Word Substitutions”. One can expect 7 – 8 questions on this concept.


Tips and Tricks for One Word Substitutions for SSC CGL:


  1. Reading Newspapers and Magazines improves your vocabulary to a great extent. Make a note of the unknown words and find out the synonyms and usage.
  2. Use mnemonic techniques to memorize the meanings of the words.
  3. Play with words, like cross-word puzzles, other word games that can enhance your vocabulary list.
  4. Record your voice by reading out the words and their meanings. Listen to your recordings, you are establishing a connection with your brain by doing so and can easily remember meanings of difficult words.
  5. Solve previous years’ papers and mock tests and online tests on a regular basis.


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Hope this information helps you prepare better for SSC CGL exam. Prepare well, all the best.



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