Number Series Quiz Questions for SSC CGL Tier 2, SSC CHSL & JE Exams

Number Series Quiz Questions

Number Series Quiz Questions – Get quantitative aptitude number series quiz questions as per the latest pattern of SSC CGL Tier 2, SSC CHSL and JE

Number Series Quiz Questions

Number series is also one of the important topics asked in almost all the competitive exams. It is a part of Quantitative Aptitude section. This is a scoring topic. You need to practice more. So, here we present practice quiz for Number Series.

What is a Number Series ?

Number series is a certain sequence in which a certain number(s) are forcibly included in the series or a number(s) may be missing. The numbers need to be observed first and then the missing one has to be inserted as per the pattern.

How to Solve Number Series Quiz Questions?

(I) Number series questions are mostly number series and numbers in the series are connected to each other. When you identify the connection, solving the question becomes easier for you.

(II) Identify the pattern asked in the question. Once you identify the pattern, solving the questions would be much easier.

(III) Once you have identified the pattern, apply it to the number before/ after the missing number in the series to get the answer.

Free Number Series Quiz

How to take Number Series Quiz Questions for SSC CHSL, SSC CGL Tier II  and JE ?

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Number Series Quiz Example:

Question – What number should come next?

7, 10, 8, 11, 9, 12, …

Solution – This is a simple alternating addition and subtraction series. In the first pattern, 3 is added; in the second, 2 is subtracted.

Hence, the next number should be 10.

Common Patterns in Number Series

The common patterns asked in number series topic are-

  1. Prime numbers
  2. Squares/ cubes
  3. Pattern in differences
  4. Pattern in alternate numbers
  5. Geometric Series
  6. Odd one out
  7. Pattern in adjacent number
  8. Complex Series
  9. Using 2 or more arithmetic functions
  10. Cube roots and Square roots
  11. Alternate Primes
  12. Third Number as the sum of preceding 2 numbers

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