Nouns as Part of Speech for Bank & SSC Exams 2019 – English Notes in PDF

Nouns as Part of Speech for Bank & SSC Exams

In order to crack any competitive exam, students have to crack English Section. And the English section covers Grammar which most candidates find difficult.

Candidates can find Free PDF for Nouns as Part of Speech for Bank & SSC Exams in this article. Download it and revise it every day to understand the basics of Grammar.

Nouns as Part of Speech for Bank & SSC Exams 2019

Grammar plays a vital role when it comes to learning not only English but any language. Without Grammar, we cannot convey our message accurately to others. And in the same way, we cannot crack any English Exam without its understanding.

The banking and SSC exams mainly have English as a part of their syllabus. Some of the most important Part of Speech in English Grammar are mentioned below:

  • Verbs
  • Nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Interjections
  • Conjunctions
  • Adjectives
  • Prepositions
  • Adverbs

Out of all these, nouns play a very vital role. What is a noun? A noun is a name of any place, person or thing. Basically, everything is a noun. We cannot count how many total nouns are there. Without nouns, we cannot form sentences.

  1. Person: William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, My Mother, the Prime Minister, a girl
  2. Place: The Theatre, The cyber cafe, The park, the lake
  3. Thing: The Shoe, the shirt, the Spectacles, The watch, The pencil

Some of the examples of Nouns are mentioned below:

  • Ravi sings a song. (Ravi & song are nouns)
  • The assignments will be given next week.
  • Keep the city clean.
  • The teacher is very pretty.


What are the types of nouns?

The following mentioned are the types of nouns:

Proper Nouns

  • Common Noun: Common Nouns are segregated into 3 types: concrete, abstract & collective.
  • Concrete Nouns: Concrete Nouns are those nouns which can be perceived physically by eyes, ears, nose.
  • Abstract Nouns: Abstract Nouns are those which can be felt/touched but not seen. Like, smells, some kind of feeling.
  • Collective Nouns: Collective Nouns are those which are actually multiple things in the group. For example army, cast, class, cloud, committee, audience, band, choir/chorus, company, etc.
  • Countable Nouns: Countable are those nouns which can be counted easily. For example 2 pencils, 5 boys, etc.
  • Uncountable Nouns: Things that cannot be counted are called Uncountable Nouns. For example milk, water, etc.
  • Alienable and Inalienable Nouns: Alienable Nouns are those that do not belong to a person indefinitely. Like a tree, roads, etc. Inalienable are those that belong to a person indefinitely. Like shadow, hair, etc.
  • Gender Nouns: Gender nouns are those laid down separately among feminine, masculine and neuter. Sometimes, we use these nouns for different genders. F or example: This is her shirt.

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Tips to Understand English Grammar

Listening: Listening to others speaking English is the best way to learn how to understand English. Try to watch English Movies, listen to English Speeches or try to talk to those who have natural English tongue. Watching English news channels will also help.

Practice: Try to practice forming sentences in different ways and see if you can form them accurately.

Read: Read books of your own interest in the English Language to get better at it. If some word is unclear in the book, google it and know the meaning. This way, you will learn new words, too. And understanding of the language will increase.


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