How is Normalization in SSC CGL 2018 a Good News for You?

How is Normalization in SSC CGL 2018 a good news for you

Normalization in SSC CGL 2018 – Find why normalization in SSC CGL 2018 is a good news for SSC aspirants.

 Normalization in SSC CGL 2018

From this year onwards, normalization rules apply for the SSC CGL exam. SSC has put forward this rule which is a very good news for all the students. This will ensure a fair and just marks evaluation procedure for all the applicants. We have written this article on Normalization in SSC CGL 2018 to provide you all the information regarding this new method. The rule will be applied to both Tier I and II exam, if th exam is conducted in multiple shifts and days, as mentioned in the CGL notification. This new implementation will, hopefully, reduce the negative aura seen around the conduct of SSC exams nowadays. Scroll down to read more details.

Definition of Normalization

It is a method to adjust values measured on different scales to a notionally common scale. The candidate performance is evaluated based on similar exam parameters. Its primary and final aim is to adjust the difficulty level across different shifts of an exam.

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Benefits of Normalization in SSC CGL 2018

As you already know, SSC CGL exam is conducted across many shifts on several days. And the difficulty level across the shifts varies for the same exam. If the normal marks evaluation procedure is used, the candidates who gave the exam in easy shift will get more marks and the ones who gave in difficult shift will get less marks, on an average. This is not fair and just for anyone. So, to counteract this injustice, the normalization rule is applied.

  • Ensure a fair and just evaluation system
  • Variation in difficulty levels across different shifts won’t hamper your success

Till date, SSC has not spoken of any formula for implementing the normalization rule. However, they will be, probably, announce the normalization formula for SSC CGL soon after the exam is over or after the result is declared.

To read the official CGL notification, click here.

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