NIOS D.EL.ED Preparation Tips

NIOS D.EL.ED Preparation Tips - Tips, Tricks and Strategies

NIOS D.EL.ED Preparation Tips – Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Prepare for NIOS D.El.Ed

NIOS D.El.Ed Preparation Tips

NIOS is “Open School” to cater to the needs of a heterogeneous group of learners up to pre-degree level. It was started as a project with in-built flexibilities by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in 1979. Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) programme designed for in-designed for untrained teachers working in primary/ upper primary schools in different parts of the country. The Programme aims at developing skills, competencies, attitudes, and understanding to make teaching and learning more effective.

NIOS D.EL.ED Preparation Tips and Tricks

1. Know the exam pattern:
The first and foremost step in preparing for any exam is to know the exam pattern and syllabus. There are three papers in NIOS D.El.Ed namely – Elementary education in India – a socio-cultural perspective, Pedagogic processes in elementary schools, Learning languages at the elementary level.

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2. Manage your time efficiently:
There are three papers for NIOS D.El.Ed and you have to dedicate your time to prepare. Prepare a timetable giving equal time to each subject but focusing more on your weaker areas. Don’t lose focus and strictly follow the time-table.

3. Prepare paper-wise:
If you are appearing only for Paper I, concentrate on the syllabus pattern covered by that section. For instance, one should read books of Class 1-5 as well as Class 6-8 books to covers the difficulty level. Similarly, one should cover 6-10 class books. Read Child pedagogy.

4. Go for coaching:
You can seek the services of any coaching center or any of the designated training centers. They would guide you to prepare for the exam in an organized manner and provide you with study materials.

5. Study in-depth:
While studying, be thorough with the syllabus and make sure you don’t miss out on any significant areas. You can also go through previous year question papers, model questions, take mock tests to test your strength and time count.

6. Practice and revise:
You need to practice if you want to excel. Practicing a lot will help you improve your speed as well as solving skills not only for this exam but any other exams. Lastly, you need to revise so that you remember all the points for the exam.

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7. Follow Exam Pattern and syllabus:

Follow the exam pattern and syllabus prescribed for NIOS D.El.Ed. It is necessary to follow the syllabus and exam pattern as these offer a basic framework for the syllabus.

Find below given Study Material for NIOS D.EL.ED

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