Nepotism in SSC – Is it one of the reasons for the paper leak?

Nepotism in SSC

Nepotism in SSC – Is this the cause for the majority of SSC Scams?

Nepotism in SSC

We had our faith and trust in SSC, toiling months and years to clear the exam, but – alas – look what is happening! This is what the students are going through, emotionally. When students like you were dreaming of securing a Government job and working hard to fulfil the same, some of the officers working within SSC were digging the grave for your dreams. We were expecting reduced corruption in the Indian system – we know, eliminating it will take time – after so many promises made to us. However, all our dreams have been shattered with the repeated incidents of scam in SSC exams and recruitment process.

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Nepotism in SSC

Recently, on February 8, Special Investigation Team arrested Bihar SSC chairman, Sudhir Kumar on the grounds of leaking exam paper. They also arrested four other people along with him, two of whom are his nephews. Allegedly, Sudhir Kumar had passed on the exam paper to his nephews before the exam. This is not the first case in BSSC scam history. Previously, in February 2017, 20 people were arrested on the grounds of nepotism in exam. The accused included the names of many ministers and MLAs.

Also, we get to hear about many such cases on a regular basis through spoken word and local news. Such cases display a black mark on our exam system. It breaks the heart of the student community which depends on the same Government officials to ensure a fair and just evaluation practice.

Cases – Points to be noted

First of all, the SSC CGL 2016 exam final results were declared long back. And the thousands of students that qualified the exam are still waiting for their job appointment. The same case applies for SSC CHSL 2015 exam.

In another instance, the CGL Tier 2 exam was conducted from 17th to 22nd February after multiple cases of exam date postponement. The delay in conducting the exam had already infuriated many of the students. Many more were already suspecting the intentions of the exam committee. Adding more fuel to the fire, the exam date wasn’t even confirmed until 16th February 2018. The CAT verdict (on the varied difficulty level of Tier I) was supposed to release on 15th February, just 2 days before the exam date.  On 21st February 2018, just before the conduction of the exam, reports came that the paper was leaked. Supporting the leak were images of the question paper along with answers. At the same time, the exam was postponed for two hours – unbelievably, 15 minutes after the exam already started. More evidence supporting the leak came to notice. Finally, on 24th February, SSC released a notice stating reconduct of the exam on 9th March 2018.

Do you think Nepotism in SSC exams occur a lot? Is it one of the reasons for the scams increasing on a regular basis? Please do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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