NEET Exam Paper Analysis 7th May 2017, Questions Asked, Solution

NEET Exam Paper Analysis 7th May 2017

NEET Exam Paper Analysis 7th May 2017 – Complete NEET question paper analysis & paper review of CBSE NEET UG – subject wise Questions asked, difficulty, cut off  etc.

NEET Exam Paper Analysis 7th May 2017

NEET or The National entrance cum eligibility test has concluded for some postgraduate courses. The NEET entrance exam is for those who apply for MBBS and BDS courses. Those passing the NEET are eligible for admission into medical colleges except AIIMS and other colleges.

NEET 2017 is conducted in off line mode in about 2200 examination centers across 104 cities in the country. About 12 lakh candidates are appearing for the NEET 2017 exam. As per previous years exam trends, the difficulty levels are expected to be followed in NEET 2017. After completion of NEET 2017 on May 7, you can find exam review here. An overall analysis of the exam takers will also be given here.

The exam is conducted in offline mode and comprises of 180 question. Questions wll be objective type questions. The exam has a duration of three hours and has four section namely Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. The exam is offered in several languages like English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya and Kannada. Candidates will have to mark their answers on an OMR sheet.

CBSE NEET 2017 Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The NEET 2017 exam is of three hours duration and contains 45 questions from each section – Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology – totaling to 180 questions. The questions are of multiple choice question (MCQ) type with four choice of answers and carries four marks. The maximum mark for the exam is 720 and for each incorrect answer, one mark will be deducted from the total score. The language of the question is English and Hindi.

Physics 45 180
Chemistry 45 180
Botany 45 180
Zoology 45 180
TOTAL 180 720

NEET Exam Paper Analysis 7th May 2017 – Overall Analysis

Here is the overall difficulty analysis of NEET 2017 below.

Subject Difficulty Level
Physics Moderate-Difficult
Chemistry Moderate
Biology (Botany +Zoology) Moderate

Check Here : NEET Questions Paper & Answer Key 2017 PDF

NEET Exam Paper Analysis 7th May 2017 – Section wise Analysis

Note : The given below exam analysis is based on last year question paper and feedback given by students and will be updated as per the latest analysis.

NEET Exam Analysis 2017 for Physics

Topics Number of Questions
Magnetic Properties 1
Solenoid in Magnetic Effects of Current 1
Vector Algebra in Mathematical Tools 2
Newton Law of Motion in mechanics 1
The Rectilinear Motion 1
Bohr Model of atom 1
De Broglie’s Principle 1
Photoelectric Effect in modern physics 1
Centre of Mass in Rigid Body Dynamics 1
Inertia 1
Torque 1
Circuit Problems in Semiconductor 1
Logic Gates of Semiconductor Devices 1
The Transistors 1
String Waves in SHM 1
Doppler Effect of Sound Waves 1
Resonance Tube in Sound Waves 1
Adiabatic Processes in thermodynamics 1
Calorimetry 1
Kinetic Theory of Gases in thermodynamics 1
Diffraction in waves 1
Young’s Double Slit Experiment of wave optics 1
Power 1
Power Calculation in AC 1
Charging and discharging in capacitor 1
Banking in circular motion 1
Horizontal Circular Motion 1
Vertical Circular Motion 1
Electrical Instruments 1
Power Calculation 1
Electromagnetic Waves 1
Coulomb’s Law in Electrostatics 2
Archimedes Principle in Fluid Mechanics 1
Magnification in Gravitation 1
Escape Velocity 1
Gravitation Potential 1
Conductivity 1
Radiations 1
Refrigeration 1
Magnetic Field 2

NEET Exam Analysis 2017 for Chemistry

Topics Number of questions
Hydrocarbon in organic 2
Isomerism of compounds 2
Polymers and uses 1
Physical chemistry 14
Structure of atom 1
Chemical Equilibrium 1
Chemical Kinetics 2
Electrochemistry 1
Gaseous State of matter 1
Ionic Equilibrium in chemistry 1
Solid State of matter 2
Solution and its colligative properties 2
surface chemistry 1
Thermodynamics 2
Inorganic chemistry 15
Chemical Bonding 4
coordination compounds 1
D-Block elements 1
Hydrogen gas 1
Metallurgy process 1
P-Block elements 4
Periodic Table of chemistry 3
Organic chemistry 16
Alcohol compounds 1
Aldehydes and Ketones compounds 2
Amines 1
Biomolecules 3
Chemistry in everyday life 2
Ether compounds 1

NEET Exam Analysis 2017 for Biology

Topics Number of questions topic
General Knowledge in Animal Diversity 1
Circulatory System in animals 1
Digestive System of animals 2
Respiratory System of animals 2
The Animal Kingdom 4
Amino Acids in bio molecules 1
Carbohydrate in bio molecules 1
Lipids 1
Application of Biotechnology 1
DNA Fingerprinting in bio technology 2
Operon Model in bio tech 1
Plasmid 1
Polymerage Chain Reaction 1
Endocrine Glands in system 3
Analogous Organs in evolution 1
Homologous Organs 1
Origin of Life 1
Theory of Evolution 1
The disease of cancer 1
Immunology from disease 3
Nervous System in Human Physiology 1
Respiratory System in Human Physiology 2
Biological Classification of Living World 1
Microbes useful to human welfare 2
The Water Pollution 1
Reproduction in female 2
Reproduction in human 2
Reproductive Health 2
Structural Organization of Animal 1
Division of cell 2
The Cell Organelles 1
Cell Biology 1
Cell Cycle 1
Cell Cycle and division 1
Cell: The unit of life 1
Cell basics 1
Biological Classification in living world 1
Kingdom of plants 5
Biodiversity and Conservation 3
Ecosystem 2
Issues of environment 1
Organism and Population: ecology 1
molecular basis of inheritance in genetics 1
Principle of Inheritance and variation 4
Mineral Nutrition in plants 1
The process of Photosynthesis 5
growth and development of plants 1
Genetics 1
Sexual Reproduction in flowering plants 5
Anatomy of Flowering Plants 2
Plants Morphology 4
Grand Total 90

NEET Cut off 2017

As per the official notification, in order to qualify for admissions in MBBS and BDS seats in government, private and deemed medical colleges/universities in India, a candidate need to attain minimum percentile as below:

NEET 2017 Cut off marks

Category Qualifying Percentile
Unreserved 50th percentile
Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes/ Other backward classes 40th percentile
Physically handicapped 45th percentile

Stay tuned for more updates on NEET 2017.


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