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nata question papers

The Council of Architecture (COA) conducts the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) for the admission in B.Arch and B.Planning courses in various colleges. The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) measures the bent of the candidate for a particular field of study, for example, Architecture. In order to help candidates with their preparation, we have provided the NATA Question Papers of the previous year in this post.

  • The NATA Exam estimates drawing and observation skills, feeling of extent, stylish affectability and basic reasoning capacity that have been obtained over a significant stretch of time and that are identified with a particular field of study, for example, Architecture.
  • NATA application form will be out from 1st February 2020 to 16th March 2020 for 1st attempt and for 2nd attempt the application form is out till 4th May 2020.
  • NATA exam for 1stattempt is directed on 19th April 2020.
  • And for 2ndAttempt, the exam is directed on 31st May 2020.
  • Students can face any type of drawing scene in the exam. So, the NATA Drawing Preparation Strategy must be very strong

NATA Question Paper PDF

Candidates who shall be participating in the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) exam can obtain the previous year’s question papers from TOPRANKERS.COM. Applicants showing up for 2020 examinations must solve the previous year papers to get acquainted with the paper and kind of questions that are posed in the test.

  • Many contenders are going up against issues in get-together the Previous year’s NATA test papers. So we are here giving NATA year’s previous papers to each branch separately. (PROVIDE LINK).
  • The NATA previous year’s question papers are available on the official website of NATA. Some question papers have likewise been transferred on this page. Competitors can download these papers and start tackling them in order to solve maximum papers before the last test of the year.

Importance of Solving NATA Previous Year Question Paper

For the applicants who will show up for the forthcoming NATA tests, the previous year question papers can be some assistance in the preparation for the test. There are numerous benefits to solving the previous year’s papers. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • Solving the NATA Previous Year Question Papers will help the up-and-comers in realizing the test pattern that is pursued by the assessment. Also, the candidate will get to know the difficulty level of the exam and the weightage of each topic which comes in the exam.
  • The previous year’s papers inform a ton concerning the NATA Exam Pattern that is being followed by the test authorities in setting the paper.
  • Candidates come to think about the sort of questions that are posed in the assessment.
  • The questions from the previous year’s question papers help the candidates in practicing with the certifiable material that has just been set up in the assessment in the previous years.
  • The candidate can improve their speed and accuracy by solving the previous year’s paper regularly.
  • By solving NATA previous year paper candidate will get to know the most time-consuming topic and the less time-consuming topic so it will help to make their strategy to clear the exam easily.

So, you can get the best NATA previous year’s paper by just clicking on the link provided here (link).

Structure of the NATA Question Paper

The question paper of NATA is like any other COA examination. Here is what the NATA question paper looks like:

  • There will be instructions at the beginning of the NATA question paper. Read the instructions carefully as it will be important to take the examination.
  • NATA examination comprises two exams i.e. PART A and PART B.
  • Part A is a Drawing Test consist of 3 questions and the candidate will get 135 minutes for these 3 questions and it will be a pen and paper type exam. It includes 2 questions of 35 marks and 1 question of 55 marks.
  • Part B is an objective type question exam consists of 45 questions and marks allotted are 1.5marks for each question.
  • There is no negative checking in any of the tests.

How to Download NATA Question Paper?

Candidates who wish to download the question paper from the NATA website or from our website i.e. TOPRANKERS.COM can follow the instructions below.

  • Click on the link given on this page to get the previous year’s paper (LINK).
  • Download the PDFs of the previous year’s question paper.
  • After downloading, you can take the print out of the same and start the practice.

Preparation Tips for NATA 2020

If the candidates have to prepare for NATA 2020 and want to clear it easily so, they have to follow the following tips mention below: –

  • Candidates should firstly know the NATA Syllabus thoroughly.
  • They should prepare a time table it will help the candidate to prepare easily and effectively.
  • Candidate should prepare short notes of the important topics that have more weightage in the exam and the notes will help you at the time of examination to recall the important points.
  • Candidate should practice continuously previous year papers it will help you to increase your speed and accuracy.
  • Candidates should have to go through the books and study material. You can get all of this from here only. (link)
  • If there is any doubt you should consult with your mentor or any friend who can help you in that doubt.
Candidates who wish to appear for the NATA Exam must begin their preparation. Check out this article and download NATA Question Papers. Also, understand how practicing previous papers help to crack the exam.

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nata question papers

Download NATA Question Papers

The students can download NATA Previous Question Papers PDF from the following table:

Question Paper Link
NATA Question Paper 1 Download
NATA Question Paper 2 Download
NATA Question Paper 3 Download
NATA Question Paper 4 Download
NATA Drawing Test 1 Download
NATA Drawing Test 2 Download

NATA Question Papers With Answers

Students can download NATA Previous Question Papers with solutions PDF from the following table:

NATA Previous Year Question Papers and Answers

NATA Question Paper PDF (Maths) Download
NATA Composition Set 1 Download
NATA Composition Set 2 Download
NATA Perspective Set 1 Download

nata question papers

How do NATA Question Papers help?

There are several major reasons for solving NATA Previous Year Question Papers. Read the following to know:
  • One gains more clarity by solving them. The more one practices, one gets more confident about the exam
  • One learns how to manage time in an effective way. Set a timer every time one practices previous NATA Question Papers
  • Students will understand the paper pattern in a better way
  • One will solve a vast variety of questions while solving previous papers. That will give an understanding of subjects as well as marking scheme
  • While solving previous NATA Papers, one will solve questions from all sections at a time. This will give even more clarity and one will not get confused
  • Variety of questions will be covered in one go
  • One will also experience a feeling of attempting a real exam
  • Many aspects of each subject will become clear in a short span of time
  • We recommend that a student should solve at least 2 Previous NATA Question Papers in one day

Download Free NATA Study Material

NATA Preparation Tips (Basic)

Students should read the following for basic NATA Preparation Tips:
  • Spend 7-8 hours of the day devoted to the preparation of this exam
  • Attempt as many mock tests one can. They are a blessing. Once you attempt them, the understanding will be clear
  • Try with the sections you are weak at. Practice one thing till the time you gain perfection in that aspect
  • Refer to the best preparation books and stick to them
  • Starting the preparation early is the best because one gets a lot of time
  • Keep drawing the sketches until you don’t feel satisfied with it. A little improvement counts a lot
  • Use light colors if you are using colored sketches
  • Always strive to manage time effectively. It makes the biggest difference during solving a paper
  • Only practice in A4 sheets. It is the standard size of the sheet and will be a great help
  • Reduce the use of cell phones and social media. In fact, cut all the major distractions during the preparation period
  • Do not miss anything from the syllabus. We do not want to regret later
  • Focus and concentration are extremely important for this exam
  • Do not miss any day of the study plan

NATA Question Papers FAQs

1. Where can I find NATA Previous Year Question Papers?

A: You can find many previous year question papers for NATA in this post.

2. How can I download NATA Question Papers?

A: You can click on any question paper link provided in this post and download it.

3. How is the previous year question paper helpful?

A: To understand the difficulty level of the paper, know which type of questions can be asked in the exam, one must download the previous year’s question paper.

4. Is the NATA Question Paper of the previous year printable?

A: Yes, the NATA Previous Year Question Papers are printable. After downloading you can either view it or print it at your convenience.

5. Are these NATA Question Papers Free?

A: Yes, all the question papers provided in this post are for Free.


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