How Hard Work Beats Talent! Motivation to Crack Any Government Exam

Motivation tips to crack Government Exams

Are you a graduate and struggling to find a job of your dream? Are you currently doing a job but not happy at it? Then there is a 90% chance that you might have thought about taking any one of the Government Exams. But what is it that makes Government Exam/Jobs so particularly attractive that every year tens of millions of candidates appear for it. Why is it so lucrative that even though the Private sector jobs offer the same salaries, candidates tend to shift their career to the Government Sector. Is it because of the job security? or the perks and benefits? or is it just the glory which comes with some important government sector jobs. It is a debatable topic and every individual has its own explanation for it. But one thing which is absolutely undeniable that is the importance and popularity of Government Exams in our country.

But, good things do not come easy. There is a lot of competition and every year the government exams are getting tougher. That is why so many candidates who attempt the exam year by year, can’t get through and start to feel demotivated. This is the reason why we are sharing the story of a brilliant young man who has cracked every government sector exam in the country. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? So, let us take you through his struggles and his journey towards learning in the best lesson i.e life.

Hard Work Actually Beats Talent – Sandeep Chaudhary (IPS Jammu)

Sandeep Chaudhary, a young man who hailed from Ferozepur, a district in Punjab with very little “talent”(in his own words), has cracked every single government sector exam in the country. It is so hard fathom for people who are struggling to crack a single competitive exam. Sandeep’s story is special not because he was an extraordinary student who excelled all throughout his life, but because he fought his way up through sheer hard work. He completed his B.A and M.A from IGNOU before achieving this milestone. He had to go through a lot in his life which he deems as life lessons. Today he is an IPS Officer posted in Jammu. Moreover, he imparts free coaching to the youth of Jammu who aspire to a government official like him. He teaches 150 students everyday taking time from his busy schedule from 8.00am to 10am. Isn’t it just amazing? In his own words “Employment is the biggest challenge for the youth and making them achieve their goals helps them become better citizens.”

Let us have a look at what this marvelous person has to say about his success story. We can all learn from his story and keep ourselves motivated for any exam in our life.

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