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Meet Your Expert and solve your queries related to the government exams.

Hi All. You all must be curious to know about our new initiative “Meet Your Expert”? We promise that soon you will get to  know all about ” Meet Your Expert”. If we are not wrong, most of you are looking for some government job. Is it really easy to get a good one? or to even get selected?

So let us see what are the factors that don’t let you to get selected in government exam? 

  • Motivation ?
  • Proper Planning?
  • Right Strategy?
  • Time Management?
  • Good Study Material?
  • Good Practice Tests?
  • Someone to solve your queries?

Here is the time to know the suspense.”Meet Your Expert” is an initiative to guide you, motivate you, find solutions for you  and in short to solve all the problem listed above. Our experts will solve your queries and you will be able to see the results soon. Explore more about “Meet your Expert” below.

How “Meet Your Expert” will help me?

The next question comes that how will I get benefit from Meet Your Expert. Here comes the solution. You will be meeting our experts here. You just have to post your queries related to government exams (SSC, SBI, IBPS and many others) in the comment section and our experts will answer them. You can also ask queries related to any subject. We will surely answer.

How do I know who is the expert and who is the normal user?

Here are your experts :

  1. Neha Goyal
  2. Vineesh Nair
  3. Nidhi Tripathi
  4. Sikha Baruah
  5. Rashmi Raj

These five experts and more will try to solve your problems. The best thing would be that you all help each other and solve queries together.

Note : Apart from queries, if you have any requirements related to study material, Current Affairs, English or any subject. Let us know in the comment section.

Will there be any reward for active participation?

This could be interesting for you. Top 3 students who participate actively and help others effectively will be given goodies (T-shirts, Bags and Sweatshirts). You can also become a bot user if you are active here.

The best thing is we will contact you and you will be given TopRanker of the month award.

So, what are you waiting for? Just start  this Questions Answer round now and lets help each other.

Team TopRankers


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27 thoughts on “Meet Your Expert – An Initiative Of TopRankers

    1. Twin Balance Sheet Problem states that when Public Sector Banks gives & Corp-orates are unable to pay their loans.

    2. There are 2 parties to Twin Balance Sheet Problem.

      1. Companies (Who have taken huge loans & are unable to pay back)
      2. Banks (Who have loaned to such companies as above)

      Twin problems because of the above two existing at the same time-
      1. Companies are unable to pay and therefore NPA (Loan gone bad) for banks increase
      2. Banks do not provide new loans because of NPA

      This in turn results in a circle where corporates do pay loan amount because they cannot source new funds (private investment), banks are not willing to provide new loans, economic growth slows down and so on.

      Let me know if you have further questions on this.

      1. Understood sir…thanks a concern was on the term “Twin” which you explained with ease …thanks a lot again

  1. Is there any trick to find out the number of hexagon from a figure or it is to be solved with pure visualization method pls?

    1. Is there any specific question you are talking about? Please mention here. We will surely solve your problem.

  2. I need a suggestion .
    sir mra selection Up police constable me ho gaya h. lekin mne abi Btech 3rd yr pass kia h .
    mai aage chahta hu graduation krna b jisse k m Cgl de saku kyonki m btech k sth sth SSC k classes b le ra tha 2 year se.
    mj btao koi plzz plzzz asa rasta ki Btech b kr lu chahe 1 year extra lag jae aur meri job b secure rahe.


    1. Hi Prashant. Eligibility criteria for UP Police Constable is 10+2, your job is going to be secured. If you want to continue with your graduation,you need to request the concerned authority. If they allow then you can continue otherwise you need to decide between graduation and job.

  3. According to previous year exam analysis, lot of questions were asked from science section in railway exam.

  4. i am preparing for sbi po mains exam. only 20 days are left for the examination . plz suggest me how should i prepare in these days and what shoul i study . i am totally confused plz suggest something so that i can use these few days in best way.

    1. Hi Vijeta. In these 20 days you can practice more questions and if you want you can also enroll for online classes which will boost your preparation. For mock and free tests, you can check here and for online classes, you can check here If you have cracked the exam, then fill this google form and we will give you 50% off.

  5. shivam plays a game wherein he tosses a coin a certain number of times. Each time the coin turns up heads, shivam is paid Rs 385 and each time it turns up tails, he has to pay Rs.150. shivam wins a net amount of Rs.2030 by tossing the coin n’ times If the total number of tosses is less than 30 find the number of times the coin was tossed

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