MAT 2016 – Know how to attempt it successfully


MAT 2016-Know how to attempt it successfully

Often the candidates want to know how to attempt MAT successfully. Dear candidates, if this question is also on your mind, here are some of the tricks that can help you in cracking MAT 2016 in your first attempt itself. Focussed study, a concrete plan, a lot of practice of MAT mock tests and a strong determination can help you in attempting MAT 2016 successfully. If it is your first try at MAT, here are a few things that you should be aware of.

Quick facts about MAT

  • The students can take MAT exam either online or offline. It is entirely your choice.
  • For the Online MAT exam, a candidate can choose the day, time and center of the exam.
  • For the offline MAT exam, the candidates should carry their necessary stationary. The OMR sheet along with questionnaire is provided by the center where you give exam.
  • The B-schools which consider MAT score are affiliated to AICTE. The ones which aren’t affiliated to AICTE receive affiliation to different universities.
  • MAT is also conducted at the overseas locations.

MAT 2016 exam summary

This table will provide you a quick summary of the MAT 2016 exam.

Exam Name Management Aptitude Test
Abbreviated as MAT
Exam Level National
Conducting Authority All India Management Association (AIMA)
Exam Stream Management Entrance Exam


MAT offline 2016 shall be conducted on 1 May 2016. MAT online exam shall be conducted on 7 May 2016 onward.

Can you attempt MAT 2016?

The students who fulfil following conditions can attempt MAT 2016:

  • Graduate in any discipline/subject
  • If you are a final year student of an undergraduate course, even then you can apply for MAT 2016

Know your subjects and MAT 2016 exam pattern

In order to crack MAT 2016 exam successfully, the students should be aware about the syllabus and exam pattern. This table gives you a glimpse into the exam pattern of MAT 2016

Duration 150 minutes
Number of Questions 200 (Each section with 40 questions each)
Marking Scheme 1 mark per question
Negative Marking 0.25 marks for every wrong answer
Number of Sections 5
Number of Options 4


MAT exam pattern 2016

Section Number Section Total number of Questions Suggested Time to Attempt the Section
1 Language Comprehension 40 30
2 Mathematical Skills 40 40
3 Data Analysis & Sufficiency 40 35
4 Intelligence & Critical Reasoning 40 30
5 Indian & Global Environment 40 15
6 Total 200 150


How to attempt MAT 2016 successfully?

In order to ensure that you attempt this exam successfully, this is what you need to know-

Section What to Expect?
Language Comprehension 1.       Synonyms & antonyms

2.       Para jumbles

3.       Sentence completion

4.       Analogies

5.       Fill in the blanks

Mathematical Skills 1.       HCF

2.       LCM

3.       Averages

4.       Ratio and proportion

5.       Profit & Loss

6.       Simplification

7.       Ages

8.       Percentages

9.       Discounts

Data Analysis & Sufficiency 1.       Tables

2.       Bars/ Line Graphs

3.       Pie Chart

4.       Data sufficiency

Intelligence & Critical Reasoning 1.       Direction sense

2.       Data arrangement

3.       Blood relations

4.       Statement assumptions

5.       Statement conclusions

6.       Statement arguments

Indian & Global Environment 1.       General Knowledge on Indian and International news and updates


Subject-wise tricks and tips for attempting MAT 2016 successfully

In this section, we shall help the candidates in knowing how to study for each subject in MAT. These preparation tips and tricks will help you in attempting each section carefully.

  1. Language Comprehension

How to prepare and attempt Language Comprehension section in MAT 2016?

For English or Language Comprehension section, you must know that grammar plays a vital role. There are a few kinds of questions that are commonly asked in this section. These include-

  • Question-types comprise analogies
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Match the list
  • Idioms
  • One word for many
  • Fill in the blanks

The candidates with strong and sound English can easily clear this section in MAT 2016.

Attempting Language Comprehension: One Easy Trick

While attempting the Language Comprehension section in MAT 2016, make sure that you read the questions first and then, move on to read the comprehension.

How to prepare well?

  • For improving your language comprehension section, make sure that you watch English news channels
  • Read English news papers, magazines and other books.
  • This will improve your vocabulary as well as reading skills.


  1. Mathematical Skills

How to prepare and attempt Mathematical Skills section in MAT 2016?

For Mathematical Skills section, you must know that it is more important to understand theories than memorizing formulas. In the quantitative ability questions, you will have to face the kind of questions that are usually not asked in other MBA exams. There are a few kinds of questions that are commonly asked in this section. These include-

  • HCF & LCM
  • Averages
  • Ages
  • Profit & Loss
  • Numbers
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Discounts
  • Percentages

Attempting Mathematical Skills: One Easy Trick

Try to solve the questions that involve basic formula, first of all. Then move on to other questions.

How to prepare well?

  • The candidates should read and memorize all the formulas carefully. It is wise to have your own notebook of formulas.
  • You must master the basic tricks for solving intricate questions in less time.
  • Develop your shortcuts and remain adequate in certain intellectual calculations.
  • Also, you must have all the formulae memorized by heart.
  • Remember, the questions in this section are easy, but may be time consuming, which leads to less score.


  1. Data Analysis & Sufficiency

How to prepare and attempt Data Analysis & Sufficiency section in MAT 2016?

This is the most scoring section. After attempting mathematics, it is important to begin with this section. There are a few kinds of questions that are commonly asked in this section. These include-

  • Table
  • Line graph
  • Bar graph
  • Pie chart

Attempting Data Analysis & Sufficiency: One Easy Trick

There isn’t any easy trick for attempting this section. It is only important that you practice a lot across familiar and similar questions to ensure that in the MAT 2016, you are able to identify them and solve quickly.

How to prepare well?

  • Make sure that you study with the books.
  • Practice a lot on previous years MAT question papers.
  • Have yourself tested on difficult questions by keeping yourself time-bound.


  1. Intelligence & Critical Reasoning

How to prepare and attempt Intelligence & Critical Reasoning section in MAT 2016?

It is this section in MAT that helps you get the top rank in the overall exams. Good preparation of this section can therefore, help you secure a seat in your much-needed B-School. There are a few kinds of questions that are commonly asked in this section. These include-

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning

Attempting Intelligence & Critical Reasoning: One Easy Trick

The best way to solve these questions is by seeing it not just as a MAT problem, but examining it from a different angle. Think of answering questions like why did a problem happen, is there any other way of solving the problem and what went wrong that led to such a problem.

How to prepare well?

  • Make sure that you study with the notes.
  • Solve a lot of MAT model papers. This will improve your subject efficiency.
  • Practice across maximum questions. Read reasoning reference books and do that on regular basis.


  1. Indian & Global Environment

How to prepare and attempt Indian & Global Environment section in MAT 2016?

This section involves GK and current affairs and your awareness regarding what is happening around.

How to prepare well?

  • In order to prepare well for this section, the candidates should have comprehensive reading of current affairs magazines & GK books.
  • Read news magazines and dailies.
  • Watch variety of news channels.
  • Spend some time browsing the Internet so as to remain updated with current affairs.


10 easy tips for MAT 2016 exam preparation

These simple and easy tips will help you prepare well for MAT 2016 and attempt the exam effectively-

  1. Remain updated with the current syllabus of MAT 2016.
  2. Prepare a proper time table and divide your time across different sections.
  3. Solve mock MAT question papers and previous years MAT sample papers.
  4. Learn short cuts, memory methods and tricks for Math.
  5. Cover wide variety of topics and prepare your own notes.
  6. Prepare your strategy of answering most number of questions in limited time.
  7. Answer those questions first, where you are 100% confident.
  8. Refer to the suggested books on quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning.
  9. Don’t waste a lot of time in questions that are more time taking.
  10. Lastly, be absolutely confident about attempting the exam.

The most important tip for attempting the MAT 2016 exam is that you should proceed with the most important section and the questions that you are sure about. If you still have time left, you can spend that time of second most confident questions, or the ones where you think you can crack. Don’t spend time on the questions about which you have no clue at all.

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