Last Minute Tips for SSC MTS Tier II Exam

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Tips you need to know before Examination – Last Minute Tips for SSC MTS Tier II Exam

Last Minute Tips for SSC MTS Tier II Exam

Last Minute Tips for SSC MTS Tier II Exam are here to decreae the pressure in your head before Examination. The process of Examination will be online for both prelims and mains Exam. Practicing Mock tests on daily basis can be the key for a candidate’s success. Understand the new pattern properly and the scoring system. For every incorrect answer 0.25 marks will be deducted from the total obtained marks. Every candidate must attend atleast one full length Mock Test before writing the Exam. Well, Time management is always the key to anything we do in life and when it comes about Examinations, It is the epitome of all the efforts put by us. Questions will be with asked from all the four sections English, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and reasoning. The next challenge comes which section to attempt first and how much time to be given for each section?

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The pattern of SSC MTS 2017-18 Exam is given below.

Subject Total Duration/Timing for General Candidates Total Duration/Timing for Visually Handicapped/Cerebral Palsy Candidates
General Intelligence & Reasoning (25 questions) 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
Numerical Aptitude(25 questions)
General English (25 Questions)
General Awareness(25 Questions)

Total 90 minutes are given to attempt SSC MTS paper and those 90 minutes are going to decide your career so you cannot afford to waste even one second unnecessarily. You can divide your time for each section like given in the below table.

Subject No. of Questions Time for each subject
General Intelligence & Reasoning 25 20 minutes
Numerical Aptitude 25 40 minutes
General English 25 15 minutes
General Awareness 25 15 minutes

Last Minute Tips:

  • Do not attempt full paper because there is a negative marking.
  • Try to guess only if you are confused between two options and try some logic before answering any question.
  • Always attempt your strongest section first to build your confidence.
  • If you are not able to answer questions then don’t take tension and spoil your paper.
  • Move to the another section and forget about the first one.
  • If you have any queries related to exam paper then just raise your hand and ask your invigilator. Do not hesitate.

Essay and Letter Writing

  • Essay & letter would be asked for 50 marks.
  • Make sure that the title of the Essay is catchy and appropriate.
  • Anything you write should be grammatically correct.
  • Avoid overwriting or repeating the same content again & again.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes at all costs.
  • Convey your thoughts neutrally
  • Conclude the Essay and Letter properly in a systematic manner.

General Tips for SSC MTS Tier II

  • If your center is in your city, make sure you know the routes one or two days before the exam.
  • Try to go there one day before the exam date so that you are not left with any last minute surprises because the last thing you will want is to be late for your exam.
  • Make sure you have everything including your admit card, a photograph, your id proof, 2 black ballpoint pens.
  • Get sufficient sleep the night before. Make sure that your sleep cycle is attuned in such a way that you are alert during your exam time slot. This means being awake at least for 3 or 4 hours before the designated time.

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