10 Last Minute Tips for GATE Exam 2018

10 Last Minute Tips for GATE Exam 2018

Must follow last minute Tricks – 10 Last Minute Tips for GATE Exam 2018

10 Last Minute Tips for GATE Exam 2018

With clock ticking down the time and examination pressure starting to build in the head, Here we are with 10 Last Minute Tips for GATE Exam 2018 to ease your mental pressure. By the time you will be done reading this complete post, You will see a more confident you, Who will be ready to take-down yet another Examination. GATE 2018 will take place on four dates – February 3rd, 4th, 10th & 11th 2018 for different stream of engineering.

In life things change according to your will and the one’s who win always know their will-power while others keep on wondering how? One should always know the subjects He/She is good at and spend more time in preparing those subjects and once you will be confident about the things you have learned, You will automatically develop the hunger to learn more.

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As we have just few days left for the examination, Here we are with 10 Tips you must follow to do well in GATE this term;

10 Last minute tips for GATE 2018:

Practice Mock test regularly:

Solve as many mock tests as possible. It gives you an edge over the other candidates.  Every time you solve a complete Mock test, your tend to inculcate a better understanding of the type of probable Questions in that particular Examination.

Do not start a new Topic:

At this point of time if you are beginning with a new topic which you have never studied before then this would be yours biggest mistake. Remember that this is not a time to build up a concepts in new topic. Revise those subjects which you already know & have clear concepts on that.

Keep switching sections while practicing:

Test your skills to shift focus from one subject to other under pressure situation and ensure that you don’t panic. Revise your short notes and formula notes to recall the concepts quicker which can help you to switch between the topics easily.

Revise Formulae:

Just go through all the formulas & practice 2-3 questions from them. Don’t try to mug up the formulas try to get through the concepts so that at the time of examination you don’t feel pressure. Do not spend  all your time on just one aspect of the syllabus. Keep switching between various topics. Try to revise through your notes that will be more beneficial as compared to any other book & be easily understandable & save your time.

Be confident with repeated previous year Questions:

Make a note of all the Questions being asked repeatedly in GATE examination. Practice all those questions till the time, You are really confident about those Probable Questions.

Practice on virtual calculator:

Try to perform calculations using the Virtual calculator in order to get familiar with functions of the calculator. 80 percent of GATE questions may not require the virtual calculator, so use the virtual calculator whenever it is really required for complex calculations.

Proper Exam stategy:

Read the each question carefully and decide whether you can answer. If any question is difficult to solve, please postpone for the next scan. During first scan, identify the questions which you can answer and answer all such questions without any mistakes. During second scan, try all unanswered questions which you have decided to answer them in the next scan.

Get a good sleep before Examination:

Examination is a mental gymind and if we do not give our brain the required, Tension and anxiety may harm your hard work. Its better not to be mischievous just before the examination you have been waiting since long.

Don’t Panic, Be confident:

Well, confidence is the key. If you are confident about your abilities, the job is half done. A confident person with less knowledge can easily outperform a person having more knowledge but lacks confidence. Do not panic if you get stuck in any particular section or question and look for other opportunities to Upgrade/Improve your score.

Negative Marking:

While attempting the GATE Paper do not guess and over-attempt questions. Just attempt only those in which you are 100% sure. Don’t ignore the aptitude section, it will increase your scores. You have to solve questions those you find worth solving or not.


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