SBI PO 2019 – Top 7 Last Minute SBI PO Preparation Tips

Last minute SBI PO preparation tips

The much-awaited SBI PO exam is just around the corner. The prelims are starting from 8th June to 16th June, candidates have entered the last leg of their preparation. Lakhs of aspirants appear for this examination every year and the examination this year is set to be the most difficult as SBI has introduced sectional timings. All candidates are expected to complete the sections within the allotted time period. No need to worry too much, with this guide for Last Minute SBI PO Preparation Tips, you can rest easy.

Top 7 Last Minute SBI PO Preparation Tips

1. Manage your Time

You have heard about this a lot, we are sure. Just a pleasant reminder to give all your subjects some amount of your attention and time. Even if you are confident in a particular Subject & topic, it always helps to go through it one last time so you have it fresh in your mind as you go in the examination hall.

2. Negative Marking Calls for Strategising

During the SBI PO 2019 Prelims, each wrong answer will get you a deduction of 0.25. Go through the SBI PO Exam Pattern so you don’t miss out on anything. What would be the best plan to win over the negative marking system? What should be your Strategy? Answer to both these questions differs from person to person but our students and experts suggest this plan-

Steps Action
Step 1 Known Answers-Start by answering all the Questions that you are absolutely sure about.
Step 2 Unsure Answers- · Review the Questions that you have some idea about. Try answering it through the process of elimination or  Make an educated guess
Step 3 Unknown Answers- · Evaluate your position & think whether you Need to answer these questions.  If you can make an educated guess here then you may.  Don’t take unnecessary guesses with something you have no idea about.

3. Keep Calm & Study On

A very essential tip that we always try to pass on to all our students and readers. Being Calm is even more important than learning something new during the last few days. Try to keep these Key points in mind –

  • You have studied a lot for this and you know about most if not all of the topics.
  • You have put the time and prepared yourself, thinking about the unknown is of no use.
  • Stick to your plan and keep a cool head.

4. Mock Tests & Previous Year Papers

  • Make it a point to go through the Mock Tests & Previous Year Papers.
  • This is not suggested just for the questions or to know the difficulty level but also to help you understand the structure and the pattern of the paper.

Last Minute SBI PO Preparation Tips

5. Syllabus Overview (Headings & Sub Headings)

  • If you do not have the time to go through the entire SBI PO Syllabus then just go for Headings & Sub Headings, if you feel you can’t remember anything about the Head/Sub-head then just have a brief read for that topic.
  • No Need to read through everything. The Headings & Sub-Headings are enough for the revision.

Last minute SBI PO preparation tips

6. Eat Good and Sleep Well

  • Eat what you like the best and make sure you sleep a sound comfortable sleep. Treat yourself to your favorite delicacies, a healthy stomach and a healthy mind will give you a good boost leading up to the examination.
  • Don’t try to pull an all-nighter during the last few days. Sleep is much more important than last minute cramming.

7. Believe in Yourself! You Got This

  • Not everything will go your way but that doesn’t mean you freak out.
  • Trust yourself, you are prepared for this.
  • Believe in Your Instincts
  • Wear your Confidence to the exam center. You got this!

Use these Last minute SBI PO preparation tips as the blueprint for the days leading up to your exam & trust that you will clear it. Good Luck!


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