Last Minute Preparation Tips, Tricks & Strategy for SSC JE

Last Minute Preparation Tips, Tricks & Strategy for SSC JE

 Last Minute Preparation Tips, Tricks & Strategy for SSC JE – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to prepare for SSC JE at the last minute

Last Minute Preparation Tips, Tricks & Strategy for SSC JE

SSC JE 2017 exams are nearing and it is a wonderful opportunity those who want to work with SSC as a Junior Engineer. This year the recruitment for SSC JE is for Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer, and Mechanical Engineers.

With the exams around the corner and just about 3 weeks to go for the exams, we have some useful last minute preparation tips that will boost your preparation and give you a clearer picture of going about your preparation for SSC JE.Also check latest SSC JE Syllabus PDF

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Examination Paper Pattern SSC JE 2017:

Paper Sections Asked Maximum Marks Duration
Paper – I General Awareness 50 2 Hours
General Intelligence and Reasoning 50
Part A- General Engineering (civil & structural) 100
Part B- General Engineering (electrical)
Part C- General Engineering (mechanical)
Paper – II Part A- General Eng. (civil & structural) 300 2 Hours
Part B- General Eng. (electrical)
Part C- General Eng. (mechanical)

Paper I : Syllabus for Electrical Engineering:


Civil Engineering

Building Materials, Estimating, Costing and Valuation, Surveying, Soil Mechanics, Hydraulics, Irrigation Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering.

Structural Engineering: Theory of Structures, Concrete Technology, RCC Design, Steel Design.


Electrical Engineering

Basic concepts, Circuit law, Magnetic Circuit, AC Fundamentals, Measurement and Measuring instruments, Electrical Machines, Fractional Kilowatt Motors and single phase induction Motors, Synchronous Machines, Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Estimation and Costing, Utilization and Electrical Energy, Basic Electronics.


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering – Theory of Machines and Machine Design, Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials,

Properties of Pure Substances, 1st Law of Thermodynamics, 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, Air standard Cycles for IC Engines, IC Engine Performance, IC Engines Combustion, IC Engine Cooling & Lubrication, Rankine cycle of System, Boilers, Classification, Specification, Fitting & Accessories, Air Compressors & their cycles, Refrigeration cycles, Principle of Refrigeration Plant, Nozzles & Steam Turbines.

Properties & Classification of Fluids, Fluid Statics, Measurement of Fluid Pressure, Fluid kinematics, Dynamics of Ideal fluids, Measurement of Flow rate, basic principles, Hydraulic Turbines, Centrifugal Pumps, Classification of steels.

Last Minute Preparation Tips, Tricks & Strategy for SSC JE

SSC JE 2017 Civil Preparation Strategy & Plan

1. Syllabus: Know your syllabus thoroughly. Prepare for the Paper according to syllabus and not according to your own pattern or wish.

2. Focus more on theory: It is known very well, that in civil engineering is a very practical subject but it involves a lot of theory and one must never avoid the theoretical concepts of the exam. You will be tested for a theory paper, so prepare well.

3. Get your Basics Right: Get your basics right and then only you can go further with more tough concepts.

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4. Prepare Notes and Revise: Apart from using reference material to study, you need to prepare using your own notes and other

5. There are no shortcuts: There are shortcuts to success in civil engineering, you have to work hard to succeed in engineering.

6. Plan your studies: It is important to plan Study and prepare months in advanced

7. Have Determination: It is difficult to crack the Civil Engineering Exam if you do not have determination.

Books to prepare for Civil Engineering Exams:

  1. Civil Engineering: Objective Type and Conventional Questions and Answer (Old Edition) R. Agor
  2. Civil Engineering: Through Objective Type Questions Paperback – 2017 by S P Gupta
  3. Civil Engineering: Conventional and Objective Type – R.S Khurmi
  4. Objective Civil Engineering (with Study Material) Paperback – by RPH Editorial Board
  5. 3200 MCQs: Civil Engineering – Practice Book for ESE, GATE & PSUs Paperback – Jan 2016 by Made Easy Editorial Board

 Last Minute Preparation Tips, Tricks & Strategy for SSC JE:
Important Topics for SSC JE Electrical Engineering –

Preparation Tips for Electrical Engineering:

Here we throw light on how to prepare section-wise for SSC JE 2017 for those who have applied for Electrical Branch as Order of preference.

  1. Network Theory: The questions on network theory are based on numerical and you can solve the questions with practice. Solve previous years question papers or mock tests to get better experience to answer these questions..
  2. Electrical Machines:Strengthen your basics, if you want to answer these theory based questions. If your basics are right, you will be able to clear this section.
  3. Measurement and Measuring instruments:The topic has a weight age of about 15% in the examination. There will be a lot of theory questions and questions that are predictable.
  1. Power systems:The questions are tricky, but few and will be based on theory.
  1. Basic Electronics: This is a highly scoring section and one can score a lot of marks in this section as it is theory. You can solve this section by using direct formula and it contains simple questions.

Last Minute Preparation Tips, Tricks & Strategy for SSC JE

Important Topics for SSC JE Mechanical Engineering – Production engineering, classification of steals, Principles hydraulic turbines centrifugal pumps, Fluid pressure, Fluid Kinematics, Dynamics of ideal fluids, Measurement of flow rate basic, Fluid mechanics, Machinery properties & classification of fluid, Fluid statics measurement, Thermal engineering, Properties of pure substance, 1st & 2nd law of thermodynamics, Rankine cycle of steam boiler, Engineering mechanics & strength of materials, Fittings & accessories air compressors & their cycles, Refrigerator cycle principle of a refrigerator plant nozzles & steam turbines, Theory of machines & machines design

Make Use of Appropriate Books: Use the Best books to prepare for SSC JE. Being engineering graduates, you will be comfortable with certain books on engineering and certain authors. However, choose books where you can cover all topics well.

Candidates must use the best books available to prepare for SSC JE. Candidates must choose their study material and books wisely and select books that adapt to the given syllabus. It is more advisable to buy books from reliable sources and publishers. You can either buy the books or just take it from the library. It is advisable not to use online PDF to prepare as they are sometimes found to be bogus.At Toprankers, we provide the best mock tests for SSC JE. Use our mock tests to prepare well for SSC JE.

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Quick Preparation tips for SSC JE:  Last Minute Preparation Tips, Tricks & Strategy for SSC JE

  • Learn to manage your time
  • Eat well and Sleep well
  • Solve Mock Tests regularly
  • Evaluate your performance and see if you have improved
  • Develop more accuracy in solving problems
  • Strengthen your basics if you want to scale up the ladder
  • Solve Sectional Mock Tests and topic-wise mock tests
  • Know your Syllabus and Exam Pattern

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