Last minute Preparation Tips for AFCAT 2018 – Tips and Tricks

Last minute Preparation Tips for AFCAT 2018

Tricks and Tips to do well in the examination – Last minute Preparation Tips for AFCAT 2018

Last minute Preparation Tips for AFCAT 2018

Last minute Preparation Tips for AFCAT 2018 can be found down the post. Good Preparation is the key to success in Every Examination. AFCAT examination demands an honest effort and determination to get through the Examination process. Indian Air Force is going to conduct the examination for AFCAT 2018. We are few hours away from the examination day and many students are still not so confident about writing the examination  but do not start worrying about the outcome from now. Just stick to the last minute tricks below the page to get a better outcome. As aspirants are left with very little time before the Examination, We bring for you The Last minute Preparation Tips for AFCAT 2018.

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Formulae for Mathematics :

Mathematics is fun to solve, if you remember all the important formulae required to solve mathematics questions in AFCAT 2018. The best practice is to make a list of all the important terms and formlae on a sheet of paper even before you start preparing for the Exam. Use the prepared note, whenever you solve any mathematical problem. The process will make you aware of formulae being used for a particular type of question. Now all you have got to do is to practice rigorously and you will remember all you need to remember in the Examination hall.

Current Affairs Updates:

General Knowledge section is the most trickiest of all as you can hardly find any repeated questions from last year’s examination. Current affairs are meant to be like that. In order to do well, you need to be updated with all the latest happenings around the world. Read magazines, Newspapers and  other online resources which can yield you all the important information required to broaden your Current Affairs knowledge. Do not forget to refer GK Yearbook a day before leaving for the Examination.

Practice Mock test regularly:

Solve as many AFCAT mock test as possible. It gives you an edge over the other candidates.  Every time you solve a complete Mock test, your tend to inculcate a better understanding of the type of probable Questions in that particular Examination.

Do not start a new Topic:

At this point of time if you are beginning with a new topic which you have never studied before then this would be yours biggest mistake. Remember that this is not a time to build up a concepts in new topic. Revise those subjects which you already know & have clear concepts on that.

Examination Strategy:

Some people like to solve a paper from the very first question while some prefer to glance through the entire paper at first and then start by answering questions from their areas of strength. This is one more reason why you need to solve mock test series so that you can experiment and create your own exam strategy. Whatever maybe the case, the sole concentration should be to score more and more marks in the examination and for that always stick to your own examination strategy to score well.

Keep switching sections while practicing:

Test your skills to shift focus from one subject to other under pressure situation and ensure that you don’t panic. Revise your short notes and formula notes to recall the concepts quicker which can help you to switch between the topics easily.

Be Accurate:

Accuracy is the key to crack the AFCAT 2 2017 exam. The penalty for each wrong answer is a 1/3 mark deduction and therefore, answer carefully to maximize the marks.

Be confident with repeated previous year Questions:

Make a note of all the Questions being asked repeatedly in GATE examination. Practice all those questions till the time, You are really confident about those Probable Questions.

Get a good sleep before Examination:

Examination is a mental gym-ind and if we do not give our brain the required, Tension and anxiety may harm your hard work. Its better not to be mischievous just before the examination you have been waiting since long.

Don’t Panic, Be confident:

Well, confidence is the key. If you are confident about your abilities, the job is half done. A confident person with less knowledge can easily outperform a person having more knowledge but lacks confidence. Do not panic if you get stuck in any particular section or question and look for other opportunities to Upgrade/Improve your score.


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Stay Tuned to get to know updated and related information about notification of AFCAT Exam. If you have any Query or suggestion, Do write us in the comments below.


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