Why is K. L. Saigal on today’s Google Doodle?

Why is K. L. Saigal on today's Google Doodle?

Why is K. L. Saigal on today’s Google Doodle? – All you kneed to know about the first Superstar of Hindi Cinema.

Why is K. L. Saigal on today’s Google Doodle?

Google is celebrating the 114th Birth Anniversary of KL Saigal. KL Saigal was born on 11th April 1904 in Jammu and was the first Indian superstar.

KL Saigal was one of the first Superstars of Hindi Cinema. He acted in more than 36 films, 28 in Hindi and seven in Bengali, 1 Tamil film and even sang around 185 songs that included ghazals, film and non-film songs in Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, and Persian.
Why is K. L. Saigal on today's Google Doodle?
Before embarking on his journey into films, he worked in Indian Railways and also had a stint as a Salesman. His father was Amarchand Saigal who served in the courts of Raja of Jammu and Kashmir. His mother was Kesarbai Sigal who was a religious woman and her hobbies included music and arts.

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Saigal was introduced to music composer Raichand Boral in the 1930s who recognized the talent of the young boy.

He later signed a Contract with BN Sircar’s film studio known as New Theatres where he was paid Rs. 200 a month to work in their films. He signed this contract with the help of RC Boral. Saigal acted in his first movie, Mohabbat Ke ansoo in 1932 which was an Urdu film. He later starred in Several movies like Subah ke Sitare, Zinda Laash, Chandidas, Devdas, and others. His film Devdas was released in 1935 and was his biggest hit. He became known as a talented actor in the film industry and became well known among the audiences. One of his popular Movies still known to the people is Street Singer, released in 1938.

Why is K. L. Saigal on today’s Google Doodle?:

KL Aigal married Asha Rani in 1935 with whom he had three children, a son, and two daughters. During 1941, the Hindi Film industry shifted base from Calcutta to Bombay. He too shifted his base to Mumbai in 1941 and began work at the Ranjit Movietone Company and acted in films like Bhakta Surdas, Kurukshetra, Omar Khayyam, Tadbeer, Shahjahan and Parwana. Several movies were added to his filmography after he shifted to Bombay.

The actor-singer was an alcoholic and alcoholism took a toll on his health. He died at an early age of 42 in 1947 but left a mark in the film industry with several films and songs. He was an inspiration for several singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi who started their careers around the time.

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He was the pioneer of Hindi Cinema, you can say and with just a few films the man left a lasting impact that made Google commemorate him on his 114th Birth anniversary.

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