JK Bank PO English Preparation Tips | Topics wise English Preparation Tips

JK Bank PO English Preparation Tips

Topic-wise Preparation tips for the English Language along with detail analysis of question types and weight-age for each topic – JK Bank PO English Preparation Tips

JK Bank PO English Preparation Tips

Dear Aspirants,

As candidates are working hard to achieve what it takes to clear JK Bank PO Examination, We have prepared JK Bank PO English Preparation Tips to guide through an easy and smooth exam preparation. Our experts have analyzed all the topics covered in JK Bank PO English examination so as to improve your efficiency in preparing for JK Bank PO Examination.

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Topics covered in JK Bank PO English Examination:

The table below consist of Weightages for all the topics covered in English Language Examination for JK Bank PO.

Topic Weightage
Reading Comprehension 5-10 Qs
Grammar 4-5 Qs
Vocabulary 5-7 Qs
Verbal Ability 5 Qs

Topic wise JK Bank PO English Preparation Tips:

Reading Comprehension Tips:

  • In Reading Comprehension, there are 5-10 questions.
  • These questions will be based on topics like Banking & Economy, Business, Social Issues etc. Mainly, questions are Facts and Interference-based.
  • Make a proper plan for practicing reading comprehension.
  • Make a habit of regular practice so that it will gradually enhance your skills.
  • Devote a set time every day on practicing reading comprehension.
  • Read excerpts from Novels, Newspaper, textbooks etc to cultivate the habit of reading.
  • As reading comprehension is mainly focused on testing your vocabulary, the interaction of words and understanding the context, work on your vocabulary.
  • Take a break if you feel lost or confused at times. Come back and re-read to summarize the excerpts with a better understanding.

Grammar Tips:

  • There will be 4-5 questions from Grammar.
  • Questions will be based on topics such as Error Spotting testing Tenses, Subject-Verb Agreement, Article-Noun Agreement, Correct part of speech, Correct use of prepositions, Phrasal Verbs, Easily Confusable words, Contextual usages, Sentence construction, Degree of Comparision, Conjunction, Finite and Non-Finite Verbs.
  • Use grammar books for reference, It will help you learn new ones and revise the ones you have almost forgotten.
  • Make proper use of Grammar apps, Dictionary, etc for improving your grammar and vocabulary.
  • Try and understand the hidden logic behind grammar rules.
  • Analyze the areas where you make the most mistakes and work on it vigorously.

Vocabulary Tips:

  • There will be 5-7 questions from vocabulary with the chances of asking double blank questions are high.
  • Generally, questions based on the Cloze test, Error Spotting, Fill in the Blanks, etc are asked and can be expected in the examination.
  • Keep your newly learned words in constant use to memorize it well.
  • Note down new words and use it in your regular communication and writing.
  • Solve word puzzles regularly so as to boost your vocabulary.
  • The better be the word power, better be the result in this particular topic in English.

Verbal Ability Tips:

  • There will be 5 questions from Verbal ability.
  • Generally, a set of 6 sentences are to be rearranged from a meaningful paragraph.
  • This particular section is a combination of words and logic.
  • Verbal Ability will test your ability of decision making and you need to select the correct option based on your ability to comprehend, analyze and choose the right answer.
  • Focus on keywords and understand the type of question to find the answer in the paragraph easily.
  • Spend time in understanding various types of statements.

Well, this was the topic-wise analysis of questions asked and the type of questions in the English language examination. Most Importantly, use your time efficiently and try to follow a well to do plan and rest lies in your confidence and will to be uneven and create a spark in you.


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