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IBPS PO Inequality Questions Answers

Begin your preparation for the upcoming IBPS PO Prelims Exam by studying each and every topic thoroughly. To help with your preparation we are providing Inequality Questions and Answers PDF for Bank Exams. Go through the post to know the importance of the Inequality section and how to prepare.

  • As there is an ample amount of time for IBPS PO Exam 2020, candidates can plan their preparation and prepare accordingly.
  • To help with the preparation, we have provided Inequality Questions and Answers PDF prepared by a panel of experts.
  • Candidates can download this PDF and enhance their preparation for Probationary Officer Exam conducted by IBPS. Go through the IBPS PO Preparation Tips by toppers to know how to crack the IBPS exam.

Inequality Questions & Answers PDF Download 2020

Inequality Reasoning Questions and Answers PDf includes most of the expected questions and important questions. Know the advantages of reading these Inequality Questions that can help in cracking all bank exams.

  • Reasoning Ability comprises major  Questions on Inequality that are claimed to be one of the trickiest questions asked.
  • In order to answer questions like this, you need to understand the trick well.
  • Be it a bank or government exams, questions on inequality are asked frequently and students find it tough to deal with those questions. How about preparing with Important Concept & Short Tricks on Inequality Questions in Reasoning PDF?
  • The PDF will give you simple hacks on how to use shortcut tips and tricks to inequality questions for IBPS PO.
  • In this PDF, we give you 25 important questions of Inequality which can be expected in the IBPS PO exam this year.

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In order to make the topic/chapter easy for you, we are providing you all some Important Concepts & Short Tricks on Inequality in this PDF which will make it extremely easy for you to solve inequality questions.

When you go through Inequality questions for IBPS PO PDF, make sure that you are already aware of the basics associated with this topic.

About Inequality

Inequality is a topic asked in almost every competitive exam. In every competitive exam, at least 5-6 questions can be expected from this topic. If you are slightly comfortable with elementary mathematics, this topic is an easy task for you. Practice with  IBPS PO mock test to get familiar with different question types.

Symbols and Meanings in Inequalities

Symbol What does it mean? Example
> Greater than A > B → A is greater than B
< Less than A < B → A is less than B
Greater than or equal to A ≥ B → A is greater than or equal to B
Less than or equal to A ≤ B → A is greater than or equal to B
= Equal to A = B → A is equal to B

Inequality Questions and Answers for IBPS PO PDF download- Important Points

1. A relationship can be easily established between two elements if they have similar signs.

For e.g.

> B > C > D

Here we can draw a conclusion – A > D, B > D, A > C or D < A, D < B or C < A, C < B

2. A relationship cannot be easily established between two elements if they don’t have similar signs. In these cases, you have to put extra care seeking either-or cases type conclusions.

For e.g.

> B < C > D

Here relationship cannot be established between – A & C, A & D, B & D.

Start going through the Inequality Questions PDF provided in this post and gear up preparation for bank exams.

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