Indian Polity Questions & Answers 2020 PDF Download

If you are one among the aspirant who is preparing for IAS, SSC, CDS, PCS, and other Competitive Exams, then knowing about the Indian Polity is important. Knowingout Indian Polity is very important if you are applying for government jobs. In this post, we have provided PDF on Indian Polity Questions that will help in preparing for all government exams.

  • In most of the government exams like SSC Exams, IAS, and CDS, we come across a section named General Awareness which includes various topics like History, Geography, Polity, science, and many others.
  • Though there is less number of questions appearing from these topics, it is important to be well prepared so that candidates can score more in this section.
  • In this post, we have compiled the top 100 Indian Polity Questions and Answers in PDF format from many previous year government exam papers.
  • Enhance your preparation by downloading our SSC CGL Study Notes which has many study material that will result in scoring more marks in the exam.

Click Here to Download Indian Polity Question Bank PDF for SSC CGL (English)

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Indian Polity Questions and Answers PDF Download

Polity is one of the important topics in Social subject, hence it is important for each candidate to know about our Indian Polity. Begin your preparation for all competitive exams well in advance with all the important study materials.

  • Candidates can download the Indian Polity Question Bank PDF here and start preparing for Competitive exams.
  • Though there is less number of questions that appear from the Polity section, it is easy to fetch those marks with regular practice.
  • To ease your preparation, we have complied all Indian Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Mains in this post.
  • Check out the PDF to know top questions from Indian Polity and prepare accordingly. Download History Questions PDF to prepare well for the General Awareness section.

Indian Polity Questions

Important Polity Questions and Answers

Here is the list of Indian Polity Questions and answers from various previous year government exams. Go through the Indian Polity Previous Year questions and know different types of questions appearing from this topic.

  1. Distribution of power between Union and state govt policy borrowed from which nation? – Canada
  2. The idea of ‘Single Citizenship’ taken from which country? – Britain
  3. Who is empowered by the Indian Constitution to appoint the Attorney General of India? – President of India
  4. Indian constitutional rights were inspired by which historical documents? – France’s Declaration of the Rights of Man and the United States Bill of Rights
  5. By which legislation India and Pakistan were divided into two independent nations? – Indian Independence Act of 1947
  6. Who is the only person holding the right of appointment of Chief Justice of India? – President of India
  7. The fundamental rights feature borrowed from which nation? – The United States of America
  8. By which procedure the President of India may be removed before the expiry of the term? – Impeachment
  9. What is the constitutional name of India? – The Republic of India
  10. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India? – President of India

There are just sample Polity questions from various Competitive exams and government exams. Go through the PDF to know more important Polity and Governance Questions from our Indian constitution.

Important Polity Questions for SSC CGL

Go through some of the frequency asked Polity Questions in SSC Exams. Practice these questions and attempt SSC GK Quiz regularly to be well versed with different types of questions asked in the SSC Exam under the General Awareness section.

  1. Q) In which year the GST bill first introduced in the Lok Sabha? Ans: 2014
  2. Q) The Goods and Services Tax Bill or GST Bill, officially known as Ans: Amendment
  3. Q) The GST Constitution bill was passed by Parliament on Ans: 8 August 2016
  4. Q) GST deal with which of the following? Ans: Indirect Taxes
  5. Q) GST is defined as any tax on supply of goods and services other thanAns: Alcohol
  6. Q) The GST bill, after ratification by the States, received assent from Ans: President
  7. Q) What is the minimum age for a candidate to be elected as President of India? Ans: 35 years
  8. Q) GST was first discussed in the report of Ans: Kelkar Task Force
  9. Q) Which Parliamentary Committee in India acts as a ‘watchdog’ on departmental expenditure and irregularities? Ans: Public Accounts Committee
  10. Q) If President Rule, under Article 356, is proposed in a state Ans: Parliament assumes the powers to legislate on the State List

Download Indian Polity Question Bank PDF

Indian Polity Question Bank PDF

Important Polity Questions and Answers for Bank Exams

In Bank Exams also, we can observe at least 2-3 Polity Questions. Attempt Bank GK Quiz to know which type of questions can be asked in these sections and what is the difficulty level of the paper.

  • Q) According to the Indian Constitution, the Lok Sabha must meet at least Ans: Twice each year with no more than 6 months between the sessions
  • Q) What is the maximum possible strength of the Legislative Assembly of a State in India? Ans: 500 members
  • Q) Rajya Sabha has equal powers with the Lok Sabha in Ans: In a meeting the Constitution
  • Q) What type of voting is held in Vidhan Sabha to elect Members of the Rajya Sabha? Ans: Open voting
  • Q) What does Hung Parliament mean? Ans: A Parliament in which no Party has a clear majority
  • Q) The President has the powers to nominate two members to the Parliament belonging to Ans: Anglo-Indian Community
  • Q) Which was the first state that was organized on the basis of language after independence? Ans: Andhra Pradesh
  • Q) Which of the following committee was appointed by the Central Government on Union-State relations in 1983? Ans: Sarkariya commission
  • Q) Which of the following taxes are levied by the Union government but collected and appropriated by the states? Ans: Stamp duties, Excise duties on medical and toilet materials
  • Q) Which of the following tax is levied and collected by the Union government but the proceeds are distributed between the Union and states? Ans: Income Tax

Important Polity Questions and Answers for Railway Exams

Here are few polity prelims questions Asked in Railway Exams. Candidates are advised to take up Railway GK Quiz to come across various questions on Indian Polity Questions in Hindi language and English.

  • Q) Constitution of India was adopted by the constituent assembly on? Ans: 26 November 1949
  • Q) A separate Governor for Bengal to be appointed under the act? Ans: Charter Act of 1753
  • Q) Who was the first Chief Justice of India? Ans: H J Kania
  • Q) Who was the chairman of the Drafting Committee? Ans: Dr. B R Ambedkar
  • Q) Which Article is related to Equality before law? Ans: Article 14
  • Q) How many Schedules are there in the Constitution of India? Ans: 12 Schedules
  • Q) How many articles are in the Constitution of India now? Ans: 448
  • Q) The constitution is the supreme law of the land. It is protected by Ans: The Supreme Court
  • Q) Which of the following is not a constitutional body? Ans: National Advisory Council
  • Q) Nagaland was created as a separate state in the year? Ans: 1963

Indian Polity MCQs with Answers

To help candidates with Polity, we have provided a list of MCQs on Indian Polity that were asked in the previous year exams. Enhance your preparation levels by knowing the type of questions asked from Indian Polity.

  • Q) Which of the article deals with the grants in aid by the Union government to the states? A) Article 270 B) Article 280 C) Article 275 D)Article 265 Ans: C
  • Q) Which of the following article deals with the election of the Vice-president? A) Article 64 B) Article 68 C)  Article 66 D) Article 62 Ans: C
  • Q) Who can remove the Vice-President from his office? A) President B) Prime minister C) Parliament D) Legislative assemblies of the state Ans: C
  • Q) The term of office of the Vice-president is as follows? A) 6 years B) 4 years C) 7 years D) 5 years Ans: D
  • Q) The Vice-President is the Ex-Officio Chairman of the A) Rajya Sabha B) Lok Sabha C) Planning Commission D) National Development Council Ans: A
  • Q) The impeachment of the President is carried by which one of the following? A) Attorney general B) Members of the legislative C) Parliament D) Prime Minister Ans: C

How to Prepare for Indian Polity Questions

The Polity section is not a very difficult or tricky one. Following the tips provided by experts would definitely help candidates to better prepare for the exam.

  • Students should go through the Indian Constitution, its progress throughout the time, its history and some more similar topics
  • Also, candidates do not need to memorize all the article numbers in the constitution. They should only focus on important ones.
  • It is important for candidates to go through all the Fundamental Rights once.
  • Candidates should read and have basic knowledge about Indian PM, CM, President, Governor, Parliament, State Legislature, High Court, Supreme Court etc.
  • Try to solve at least 2-3 previous year questions papers daily.

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