Indian Polity Questions PDF for Competitive Exams

Indian Polity Questions

If you are one among the aspirant who is preparing for IAS, SSC, CDS, PCS, and other Competitive Exams, then knowing about the Indian Polity is important. In this post, we are providing a PDF on Indian Polity Questions that will help in preparing for all government exams.

  • In most of the government exams like SSC, IAS, and CDS we come across a section named General Awareness which includes various topics like History, Geography, Polity, science, and many others.
  • Though there is less number of questions appearing from these topics, it is important to be well prepared so that candidates can score more in this section.
  • In this post, we have compiled the top 100 Indian Polity Questions and Answers in PDF format from many previous year government exam papers.
  • Enhance your preparation by downloading our SSC CGL Study Notes which has many study material that will result in scoring more in exams.

Indian Polity Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Polity is one of the important topics in Social subject, hence it is important for each candidate to know about our Indian Polity. Begin your preparation for all competitive exams well in advance with all the important study materials.

  • Candidates can download the Polity Questions PDF here and start preparing for Competitive exams.
  • Though there is less number of questions that appear from the Polity section, it is easy to fetch those marks with regular practice.
  • Check out the PDF to know top questions from Indian Polity and prepare accordingly. Download History Questions PDF to prepare well for the General Awareness section.

Important Polity Questions and Answers

Here is the list of questions from Polity topic from various previous year government exams. Go through these questions and know different types of questions appearing from this topic.

1. Distribution of power between Union and state govt policy borrowed from which nation? – Canada

2. The idea of ‘Single Citizenship’ taken from which country? – Britain

3. Who is empowered by the Indian Constitution to appoint the Attorney General of India? – President of India

4. Indian constitutional rights were inspired by which historical documents? – France’s Declaration of the Rights of Man and the United States Bill of Rights

5. By which legislation India and Pakistan were divided into two independent nations? – Indian Independence Act of 1947

6. Who is the only person holding the right of appointment of Chief Justice of India? – President of India

7. The fundamental rights feature borrowed from which nation? – United States of America

8. By which procedure the President of India may be removed before the expiry of the term? – Impeachment

9. What is the constitutional name of India? – Republic of India

10. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India? – President of India

Download Indian Polity Questions and Answers PDF

There are just sample Polity questions from various Competitive exams and government exams. Go through the PDF to know more important Polity and Governance Questions from our Indian constitution.


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