Indian History Questions and Answers PDF for Competitive Exams

Indian History Questions

History plays an important role in government exams like SSC, RRB, IAS, and other Competitive Exams. So, to help all candidates ease out their preparation for Competitive exams, we are providing Indian History Questions and Answers PDF here.

  • Candidates who are appearing for various government exams like SSC, need to prepare well for general Awareness Section as it can fetch complete marks with proper practice.
  • In the General Awareness section, History topic involves at least 3-4 questions. Though it is a less number of questions, with regular practice candidates can get full marks by answering correctly.
  • In this post, we have compiled the top 100 History Questions and Answers in PDF format.
  • If you are preparing for SSC CSL Exam, then download our SSC CGL Study Notes to enhance your preparation levels and score more.

Indian History Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

History, being an important topic in Social Subject, yet most of us unaware of our Indian History. So, begin your preparation for all competitive exams and Government exams now by knowing important concepts in the History section.

  • Candidates can download the History Questions PDF here and start preparing for Competitive exams.
  • Though there is less number of questions that appear from the History section, it is easy to fetch those marks with regular practice.
  • Check out the PDF to know top questions from Indian History and prepare accordingly.

Download History Questions and Answers PDF

Important History Questions and Answers

Here is the list of few Previous Year History Questions from various Government Exam Papers. Take a look at these and know their answers.

1. Harihara Raya I who ruled the Vijaynagara Empire for the period 1336-1356 belonged to which dynasty? – Sangama Dynasty

2. The most important source of our information on ancient India’s cultural history are –  literature and epics

3. Which country is called the constitution Research Society? – Greece

4. When did Alexander great visited India? – 326 BC

5. Who were the architects of Indus Valley Civilization? – Dravidians

6. The staple food of Indus Valley people was – Wheat and Barley

7. The modern name for Pataliputra – Patna

8. Which battle in India gave superior status to the Britishers? – Battle of Buxar

9. Who was defeated by Ghori Mohammed to conquer Delhi? – Prithviraj

10. Who was known as the ‘Whip of the God’? – Chengizkhan

These are just sample questions on the History section. Go through the PDF to know important History questions and answers from various Competitive exams and Government exams.


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