Indian History Questions & Answers 2020 PDF Download

History is one of the important topics to be prepared for any competitive exams. It is observed that at least 3-4 questions are asked from Indian History in all competitive exams.  So, to help all candidates, we have provided the Indian History Questions and Answers PDF in this post.

Indian History Questions & Answers PDF Download

The History Questions are asked in the General Awareness section, yet most of us unaware of our Indian History. British economic policy, British conquests and Indian reactions, freedom struggle, Indus valley civilization, socio-cultural aspects are some of the important topics that candidates need to focus more to score good marks in this section.

Download History Questions & Answers PDF

Indian History Questions and Answers PDF in English

As per the experts, referring to the best History Question Bank PDF will help candidates to enhance their preparation and better succeed in the exam. Here, we have assembled a few important history questions that have been asked in previous year exams.

Q) The Stone Age people had the first domestic

a) Asses

b) Dogs

c) Horses

d) Sheep

Q) Which was the first metal used by man?

a) Copper

b) Silver

c) Bronze

d) Brass

Q) At which place was Akbar born?

a) Delhi

b) Agra

c) Amarkot

d) Kannauj

Q) The Indus valley civilization was discovered in

a) 1902

b) 1921

c) 1922

d) 1932

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Indian History Questions and Answers PDF in Hindi

To score good marks, candidates are advised to practice the history questions from previous year papers. Practising Modern Indian Questions & Answers PDF will help candidates to know the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions asked in the exam.

Q) 1946 का कैबिनेट मिशन 3 कैबिनेट मंत्रियों से गठित था। निम्न में से कौन इसका सदस्य नहीं था?

a) लॉर्ड पैथिक लोरेंस

b) ए वी एलेग्जेंडर

c) सर स्टेफोर्ड क्रिप्स

d) लॉर्ड एमरी

Q) निम्नलिखित में से किस महिला क्रांतिकारी ने दीक्षांत समारोह में अपनी उपाधि (डिग्री) ग्रहण करते समय अंग्रेज गवर्नर (कुलाधिपति) पर गोली चलाई थी?

a) शांति घोष

b) सुनीति चौधरी

c) बीना दास

d) कल्पना दत्त (जोशी)

Q) घोड़े के नाल के आकार की मेहराब सर्वप्रथम कहां प्रयोग में लाई गई थी?

a) इल्तुतमिश के मकबरे में

b) गयासुद्दीन तुगलक के मकबरे में

c) अलाई दरवाजा में

d) कुव्वत-उल-इस्लाम मस्जिद में

Q) किस मुगल सम्राट ने तंबाकू के प्रयोग पर निषेध लगाया था?

a) अकबर

b) बाबर

c) जहांगीर

d) औरंगजेब

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Expected Ancient Indian History Objective Questions & Answer PDF

It is observed that history questions are repeated in most of the competitive exams. Hence, we have provided the most expected Indian history questions based on the previous exam analysis.

In which language were the Sangam classics written?

Practise More History Questions

Indian History Questions Trends

Candiadtes can check the graph below to know the number of questions asked from Indian History from past four years. this will help them know the difficulty level of the paper.

Indian History Questions and Answers PDF for SSC Exams

Check out some of the frequency asked History Questions in SSC Exams. Practice these questions and attempt SSC GK Quiz regularly to be well versed with any type of questions. Solving History Quiz Questions will help candidates know the type of questions asked in the exam.

History Questions Asked in SSC Exams

Go through the type of questions asked in the previous year exams of SSC

1. Arrange the following in chronological order: 1. Tughlaqs; 2. Lodis; 3. Saiyids; 4. Ilbari Turks; 5. Khiljis

Ans: 4, 5, 1, 3, 2

2. Who was the founder of The Servants of India Society?

Ans: Bipin Chandra Pal

3. The monk who influenced Ashoka to embrace Buddhism was?

Ans: Upa Gupta

4. The Lodi dynasty was founded by?

Ans: Bahlol Lodi

5. The call of “Back to the Vedas” was given by?

Ans: Swami Dayanand Saraswati

6. The Editor of ‘Young India’ and ‘Harijan’ was

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

7. Who was the teacher of Gautama Buddha?

Ans: Alara Kalama

8. Who was the other Congress leader who joined with Motilal Nehru to start the Swaraj Party in 1923?

Ans: Chittaranjan Das

9. Rowlatt Act 1919 was enacted during the period of?

Ans: Lord Chelmsford

10. The first Indian Satellite Aryabhatta was launched in?

Ans: 1975

Indian History Questions and Answers PDF for Railway Exams

Here are few Indian Hostiry Questions Asked in Railway Exams. Along with these sample questions, candidates can take up Railway GK Quiz to come across various questions on Indian History in Hindi language and English.

History Questions Asked in Railway Exams

1. Who was the founder of the Gupta Dynasty?

Ans: Chandragupta I

2. Who raised the Slogan ” Swaraj ” is my Birth Right and I shall have it?

Ans: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

3. The foundation of the Mughal empire is laid by which of the following rulers after defeating Ibrahim Lodhi Dynasty?

Ans: Babur

4. The founder of Asaf Jah Dynasty, Mir Qamaruddin Khan Belongs to which region?

Ans: Hyderabad

5. When was the third Anglo-Mysore war fought?

Ans: 1790-92

6. Who was the last king of the Lodhi dynasty?

Ans: Ibrahim Lodhi

7. What is the name of the first British to visit India?

Ans: Hawkins

8. The Mughal emperor who introduced the military strategy “Tulughama”?

Ans: Babar

9. In which period “ Arthshastra” was written?

Ans: Maurya

10. Kabir was a disciple of which among the following saints?

Ans: Ramananda
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Indian History Questions and Answers PDF for Bank Exams

In Bank Exams also, we can observe at least 2-3 History Questions. Attempt Bank GK Quiz to know which type of questions can be asked in these sections and what is the difficulty level of the paper. So, while preparation, ensure to make Ancient History Notes and it will be helpful during revision.

History Questions Asked in Bank Exams

Here are a few History Questions and Answers listed out. Check them out and prepare accordingly.

1. Who was the first foreigner who invaded India?

Ans: Derious

2. What was the capital of Aang Mahajanpada?

Ans: Champa

3. Who was the founder of Haryark Dynasty?

Ans: Bimbsar

4. What was the name of Goutam Buddha’s mother?

Ans: Mahamaya

5. What was the symbol of first Teerthankar Rishabhdeva?

Ans: Bull

6. Where did Mahaveer Swami attain knowledge?

Ans: Jumbhikagram

7. Who established Pattilputra?

Ans: Udiyan

8. Which Mourya Ruler is also known as “Amitraghat”?

Ans: Bindusar

9. “Double burials” are found from which site of Indus Valley civilization?

Ans: Lothal

10. Kalibanga is situated in which of these states?

Ans: Haryana

Important History Questions and Answers

Here is the list of few Previous Year Indian History Questions from various Government Exam Papers. Take a look at these and know their answers. Along with these questions, practise history quiz questions and answers regularly.

1. Harihara Raya I who ruled the Vijaynagara Empire for the period 1336-1356 belonged to which dynasty? – Sangama Dynasty

2. The most important source of our information on ancient India’s cultural history are –  literature and epics

3. Which country is called the constitution Research Society? – Greece

4. When did Alexander great visited India? – 326 BC

5. Who were the architects of Indus Valley Civilization? – Dravidians

6. The staple food of Indus Valley people was – Wheat and Barley

7. The modern name for Pataliputra – Patna

8. Which battle in India gave superior status to the Britishers? – Battle of Buxar

9. Who was defeated by Ghori Mohammed to conquer Delhi? – Prithviraj

10. Who was known as the ‘Whip of the God’? – Chengizkhan

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Modern History Question & Answers PDF

To help candidates with modern history, we have provided a list of History MCQ’s asked in the previous year exams. Enhance your preparation levels by knowing the type of questions asked from modern history.

Q) The Battle of Plassey was fought in

A) 1757 B) 1782 C) 1748 D) 1764

Ans: A

Q) The territory of Porus who offered strong resistance to Alexander was situated between the rivers of

A) Sutlej and Beas B) Jhelum and Chenab C) Ravi and Chenab D) Ganga and Yamuna

Ans: B

Q) Tripitakas are sacred books of

A) Buddhists B) Hindus C) Jains D) None of the above

Ans: A

Q) The trident-shaped symbol of Buddhism does not represent

A) Nirvana B) Sangha C) Buddha D) Dhamma

Ans: A

Q) To conquer and annex Peshawar and Punjab, Mahmud of Ghazni defeated

A) Ghurids B) Arabs C) Karkotakas D) Hindushahis

Ans: D

Q) The victories of Karikala are well portrayed in

A) Palamoli B) Aruvanad C) Pattinappalai D) Padirrupattu

Ans: C

How to Prepare Indian History Questions

As per the experts, preparing Indian History demands time and concentration. The strategy tips mentioned below will help the candidate to better understand how to prepare this section.

  • Candidates must have a fair idea of all the wars happened in the past,  the dates and places where the wars took place, between who and who the wars happened and the reasons behind them, and what were the consequences of these wars.
  • Aspirants must be aware of the cultural status of South India, the popular and important rituals of different states, popular temples in the south, etc.
  •  You must read about important and popular forts and monuments like Red Fort, Taj Mahal and memorize the important details of these buildings like where were they built, who built them, why were they built, the significance of the specific building, etc., to excel your knowledge of Indian History Questions.
  • Candidates should go through all the famous Ancient Revolts, memorize their dates, places and between who they took place and the consequences of those revolts.
  •  Make a list of (only) famous newspapers in India and foreign and note down their owners’ names and read them every day.
  •  Acquire in-depth knowledge of famous acts the reforms of Montague-Chelmsford Thuggary, Simon, RTC, Communal Award, etc.

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