Indian Geography Questions and Answers PDF for Competitive Exams

indian geography questions

In any Competitive Exams, we can see at least 2-3 Geography questions present in General Awareness section. It is very important for candidates to be aware of our Indian Geography questions and answers. In this post, we have compiled Indian Geography questions along with their answers.

  • Candidates appearing or preparing for any competitive exams or government exams like RRB, SSC, Bank Exams, and many others need to be aware of Geography questions.
  • We have collated many previous year geography questions for candidates to prepare well in this section.
  • Candidates can view or download the Geography Questions PDF from this post and prepare well for exams.
  • Download SSC CGL Study Notes available for various topics which will help to score more in SSC CGL Exams.

Indian Geography Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Geography is one of the popular topics in Social subject, but, most of us are not aware of it. Hence, make a habit to go through daily current affairs which helps you to stay updated on Geography topics.

  • Candidates can download the Geography Questions PDF here and start preparing for Competitive exams.
  • Though there is less number of questions that appear from Geography section, it is easy to fetch those marks with regular practice.
  • Check out the PDF to know top questions from Indian Geography and prepare accordingly.

Download Geography Questions and Answers PDF

Important Geography Questions and Answers

Here is the list of previous year Geography Questions from various Government Exams and Competitive Exams. Take a look at these questions and know their answers.

1. The river which forms the waterfalls Sivasamudram is – Cauvery

2. The state which stands first in per capita income is – Punjab

3. Silver is found in – Karnataka

4. Aluminum is abundantly found in – Kerala

5. The region around the South Pole is known as – Antartica

6. Delhi is on the banks of  – Yamuna

7. Which Planet is a dwarf planet – Pluto

8. The percentage of irrigated land in India is about – 35

9. The pass located at the southern end of the Nilgiri Hills in south India is called – The Palghat Gap

10. The Yarlung Zangbo River, in India, is known as – Brahmaputra

These are just sample questions on Geography section. Go through the PDF to know important Geography questions and answers from various Competitive exams and Government exams.


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